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How to Increase Your Value in the Job Market

Every career professional desires to grow in their career both in experience and market worth.To find out what can I do to be better,to move to the next level

increase your market value

Every career professional has a desire to grow in their career both in experience and market worth. Once you get your first job, top in your agenda usually is what can I do to be better, to move to the next level? As you move higher in ranks so does your market value and so does your bank account. Career growth and development is a process that takes time and effort on your part. The level of growth and the time it takes to get there mostly depends on your input and whether or not you are doing the right things to get you there. Here are things you need to do to increase your value in the job market and make your CV more appealing.

Be Self-Aware

increase your market value

Self-awareness is the strongest foundation to build anything on. You cannot go far in your career journey if you don’t know what you want or what you’re good at. In order to know where you are going, you need to start viewing yourself as a product. Just like any product, you need to know your selling point and unique selling proposition. Continuous development requires continuous work and continuous assessment.

Create a Meaningful Professional Network

Your network equals your networth is a statement that rings so true. For many people, most career doors are opened by someone they know in their network. Human resource professionals tend to trust recruitment by referral. This is one way a strong professional network will help you grow your career. Having a strong network also helps you stay updated on trends in your industry.

Become an Expert

increase your market value

The best way to stand out from ordinary professionals in your industry is to become an expert in your trade. Once you become an expert, your industry begins to recognise you as a thought leader. This automatically elevates your worth in the market and gives you negotiating power. You even find recruiters headhunting you even when you are not actively looking for a job.

Volunteer Where You Can

Volunteering is an excellent option if you are currently unemployed. If you are employed, it could be an excellent way to put to practice a new skill earned. Whether employed or not, volunteering is a great way to gain experience and build your CV. Volunteering is also an effective way of meeting other professionals in your industry and connecting with them.

UpSkill Where Necessary

increase your market value

Growth comes with the exploration of new knowledge and way of doing things. If you are not learning something new are you even growing? Getting certifications is always a good idea, so gather all those credentials on your way up. They will help boost your resume and professional profile in your industry. Whether it’s an online course or a degree, it is wise to regularly improve your skills to match the trends in your industry. The more skilled you become, the more your market value grows.

The above are ways of improving your value in the job market as a professional. Do you know your current value? Find out now.

Doreen Mueke
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