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I Love My Job: Why it’s Important to get a job you love

Looking for a job can be quite a hustle, especially in a job market where competition for existing opportunities is high. In fact, most people are just grateful when they get a job, even if it is not in line with what they wanted to do in life. To many, finding a job you love may sound like a pipe dream, but it is really simple.

Loving your job entails a combination of self-awareness, attitude change, and a goal-oriented mindset. Self-awareness helps you identify what you want to do in the long term, what you would be most happy doing and where your individual talents and passion lie.

Attitude is what helps you focus on your end goal even when you think you are a long way off. Attitude helps you see what you are currently doing as a contribution to your dream career and helps you find ways of relating to where you are currently and where you would like to be.

A goal-oriented mindset helps you plan your life and work towards attaining your dream career even when you start in a completely unrelated industry.

Getting a job you love doesn’t necessarily mean that you sit and wait till the day you get a job that matches your hopes, talent, skills and ambition to a tee. Far from that, it means working every day towards getting to where your dreams lie while being the best at the stage you are in currently. It is about making the best of what you have currently as you work towards getting the job of your dreams.

After all, bills need to get paid and life has to move on. The important thing is not losing focus of where your passion and talents lie.

Below are reasons why doing a job you love is good for you;

Money cannot compensate for a job you hate

The truth is even though you will accumulate wealth from the earnings you get from a 9 to 5 job. At the end of it, you may not get the time to enjoy that job. A job you dislike can be quite frustrating and may lead to a stressful life. Stress can lead to health problems.

You will always be motivated to go the extra mile

When you love what you do you’ll always be willing to spend extra time at work. You’ll contribute new ideas because you feel part of that team. As an employee, you will have self-drive and you would have to be reminded by your boss about the tasks you’re supposed to do.


Your career constitutes most of your life so you might as well be doing something you love

Unless you are born into a rich family or were lucky enough to meet a rich spouse, then like most of us you will spend most of your life working. Your career should be something you enjoy not something you are forced into before you retire.

Figure out what you love before you venture into your career don’t go from company to company without any vision or any idea of where you want to be. A career is meant to make you develop not just in the monetary sense but also in a way that is related to your lifelong dreams.


Persistence comes easy

Passion feeds persistence. Therefore if you enjoy your job you’ll be willing to keep at it and make improvements where necessary. On the other hand, if you don’t like what you do, your time will be spent on job sites looking for better organizations rather than putting in work and becoming better at the duties handed to you.


You will be more fulfilled

You get unparalleled fulfilment when you get a job you love and enjoy. Fulfilment comes with growth, encountering and tackling challenges in the industry. The drive to be more will push you to more opportunities for growth and the passion for what you do will push you to know more, discover more and conquer more as you become an expert in the field. The feeling of contentment and peace of mind is something no paycheck can rival.


You become a more effective leader

Doing a job you love gives you the conviction to give your best in what you do. The love you have for your job can be seen in how you do it, the sacrifices you make to produce positive results and the joy you perform your tasks with.

The best leaders are those who love what they do and are not pushed by mere obligation. The way they handle tasks and teams is contagious and the teams they create are high-performing and extremely productive.



Even if you are in an industry you feel you do not belong, do not be dismayed. Work hard and give your best as you look for avenues that will lead you to your dream job. Remember that some people find themselves in certain industries they never dreamt of working in and they absolutely love it. In fact, life figures itself out for such people.

Attitude is everything. If you love what you currently do, be the best at it and seek growth in that industry. If you would rather be somewhere else, act to change your situation and do not give up till you get there.

Do you love what you do? We would love to hear your career story. Tell us in the comments!

Roselinda Awinda
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