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Make Your Career Your Valentine: Love Your Career


Show your career some love

It’s that time of the year again when lovers across the world go out of their way to express their love to the significant others in their lives. People have been known to take their sweethearts on romantic helicopter rides, while others take their loved ones to expensive hotels for dinner. Well, you can also borrow a leaf from these love-struck individuals and show your career some love that will surely pay back.

Every aspect of your career needs to be loved and while it can be hard to love all of them equally, you can surely love the most fundamental ones in a special way. Here are tips you can pick from Valentine’s season on how to show your career some love;

  • Lovers love constantly

Lovers are always advised to love their special ones continuously and that love is about giving. It’s a sacrifice, they say. Well, that should also apply to your career life.

The more value you add to your career, the more you get out of it; loving your career constantly. For example, if you commit to continuous growth by learning new skills and taking up additional courses, you become better at doing your job, which increases your value and the return on investment will be worth the sacrifice.

So, give your career some love always and watch it grow by leaps and bounds, and love you right back.

  • Lovers celebrate their love and special moments


Lovers are always encouraged to do something special for their darlings once in awhile and especially on Valentine’s day, anniversaries or birthdays. This reinforces the love you share and makes your sweetheart feel special.

In the same breath, you should celebrate special moments in your career. Did you get that promotion you have been chasing? Celebrate. Did you finally land that client you have been working so hard to sign up? Celebrate. Did you complete that project on time? Celebrate.

It may seem mundane but celebrating your victories reinforces good actions and gives you the strength you need to keep pushing yourself forward.

  • Lovers take time to plan and prepare for the perfect surprise


The truth is, most people will make elaborate plans for Valentine’s day. They will make reservations, organise transport and probably plan on what outfit they will wear on that day. No one wants to leave anything to chance because this is not the day where you end up having the wrong kind of surprise.

Your career also needs planning because you do not want to mess with your source of livelihood. Additionally, you want to achieve certain milestones and a good plan helps you to work slowly towards your ultimate goal. Make short term plans. Make long term plans. Ensure that you are building on your skills and experiences on a daily basis so that you can finally reach your goal. Grab opportunities once they arise and have a clear strategy on how to achieve your goal.

  • Lovers stay committed to their loved ones


You have planned for the perfect Valentine’s dinner and everything should fall into place. You have chased that significant other for so long and you plan on showing then just how special they are this Valentine’s day. That is commitment. That is showing up for your loved one.

In the same way, once you start on something to grow your career, you should commit yourself and show up even when that does not sound like the best thing at that particular moment. If you start a short course, show commitment by ensuring that you attend the classes faithfully and stay on course to the end.

If you commit to learning something new at work, do not just go up to where you feel you have had enough. Instead, keep challenging yourself.

  • Lovers are  selective about their partners


When choosing a location for your date, you look at specific things that make your date successful. Honestly, you wouldn’t take that special one to a noisy bar with a smoking kitchen for a date, right? Additionally, when choosing a person to date, you choose a person whose values are aligned with yours, a person’s whose character and personality is in line with yours and a person who fits within your standards.

This should be the case for your career. Just like the person you choose to settle down with, this is a lifetime commitment. As such, choose a career that is aligned with your talent, skills and passion so that you can enjoy it and grow in it.

Valentine’s day is a special occasion where lovers declare their love in a special way. On Valentine’s day, people go out of their way to make their loved ones feel special. In the same way, make your career special and you will surely get lots of love in return. Do not neglect your career and hope for the best. Instead, be committed, be selective, plan and prepare for your career, and celebrate your victories.

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