Thika Full Time
1 week ago

Job Summary

Must have vast knowledge of MSQL, Linux systems, good in electricals, UPS and AC's, proficient in data base management and can link servers

Job Description

  1. Overseeing the implementation of various ICT projects and also electrical projects at new sites and also at existing sites
  2. Management of Technical Staff
  3. Training staff on usage of machines at the locations i.e. from computers to electrical equipment and projectors
  4. Server management & troubleshooting You will be in charge of running the server room 
  5. Liaison and contact person between the Vista team and the management 
  6. In charge of UPS and AC maintenance and you are in charge of reporting and coming up with recommendations to the company 
  7. Supervise proper management of the equipment at the project room.
  8. You will work hand in hand with the corporation on issues pertaining IT issues or anything that needs repairs that pertains to the projection room and including cinema screen 
  9. Database software Maintenance on Vista where by you must understand and learn the software and also install the new software in new laptops when needed 
  10. Manage software and accessories e.g.laptops, server and ISP where by you must be in charge of communication. 
  11. Have an inventory of all machines both sites and any other new sites coming up 
  12. Source for new hardware and software equipment and any other item needed for repairs by the technical department by specifying brands, serial numbers and suggest quality suppliers at cheaper prices 
  13. In charge of coming up with monthly budgets for your departments which include issues like airtime, transport to sites by itemizing things that are needed in your department 
  14. Sort out all SMTP pending issues and ensure that the online ticketing process is a success 
  15. Liaise with service providers for the maintenance & service of the systems 
  16. Provide technical and functional support and trained all users 
  17. Assist in maintaining the company website 
  18. Prepare timely IT reports for management and ensure that you attend all management meetings and also update the management of the situation of the technical department. 
  19. The management from time to time will need an update of inventory status and also updates on the server room
  20. Maintenance and administration of servers, desktop computers, printers, routers, switches, firewalls, personal digital assistants, software deployment, security updates and patches 
  21. Performing routine audits of systems and software 
  22. Responsibility for documenting of the configuration of the system 
  23. Software updates, configuring routing protocols, ensuring security etc. 
  24. Implementing high availability of all network infrastructure devices to ensure 99% uptime availability of ICT services 
  25. In charge of setup of electrical equipment and electronics during premier events and also on site management to ensure proper lighting and proper sounds and setup of systems
  26. Performing routine Operational Demand Requests such as DNS, DHCP, Server or Network changes·