Resource Centre Employer’s Corner 50 Reasons Why Employers Use BrighterMonday: Reason 1

50 Reasons Why Employers Use BrighterMonday: Reason 1

50 reasons why employers choose brightermonday-skills assessments

The BrighterMonday Skills Assessment

As a hiring manager or an employer, getting employees who can deliver on what is expected in a role is key when hiring. Most of the time it is a gamble because a CV is usually just a promise on paper. Like most employers, you might have ended up with a “lion on the CV and cat on the job” kind of scenario and it cost your company more cleaning up the mess. 

To be sure of the talent you are bringing in, you might want to consider The BrighterMonday skills assessment tool. This tool tests candidates applying for a job you post on BrighterMonday for core competencies and hard skills required for the specific role. These tests are curated by experts in specific industry and are up-to-date with current industry specifications. 

The candidates’ results will be available to you in the Applicant Tracking System which is accessible on your employer account. You can then view the expertise levels of all candidates who applied for the job you posted. You can also filter the results displayed on your backend into categories that make more sense to your business needs and quickly come up with a shortlist of the candidates you wish to interview. 

So, there you have it, The BrighterMonday Skills Assessment tool, here to help you look beyond the CV. This is one of the 50 reasons why employers choose BrighterMonday, as depicted in the short video below.

Doreen Mueke
Doreen is the Senior Content Marketer at Ringier One Africa Media.
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