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ACCA Qualification for Accountants

Accountants rule!

The world of business and finance is increasingly becoming more complex and challenging. To navigate successfully through the maze of local and international regulations, competition, taxation and other challenges, enterprises of all shapes and sizes turn to qualified professionals. Competent, professional accountants are not only absolutely necessary for every enterprise, from small-size business to multinational corporations, but they are also considered precious assets because of their ability to:

  • Assist in the design of corporate/financial strategy
  • Advise executives on how to minimise financial risk
  • Offer creative solutions to tax, finance, growth and other issues
  • Exercise internal control of operations and processes
  • Collect and analyse crucial financial information
  • Present reliable financial data to interested parties
  • Create value and sustain growth
  • Apply ethical standards and professional values to safeguard the quality of financial reporting

ACCA in Kenya

These are a few of the reasons why the professional certification of accountants is seen by employers internationally as proof of competence to handle complex financial matters.

Accountants can be employed as Managing Directors, as Chief Financial Officers, as Internal Controllers, as Tax Consultants, as Auditors, or even as employees of large, often multinational Auditing Firms. Accountants may be found working in banking, in business, in regulatory bodies, in the not-for-profit sector or even in the public sector.

The prestigious ACCA Certification, awarded after years of rigorous study and a series of tough examinations, makes every individual looking for a new position more attractive to potential employers around the globe. To the eyes of employers, ACCA certified accountants are considered well-trained, capable and reliable professionals.

UNICAF now offers you the unique opportunity to study online for the British Level 6 Diploma, leading to nine exemptions out of the fourteen ACCA papers, without leaving your job or your home. You can ‘learn as you earn’, and continue to take care of your family, paying only a fraction of the usual cost, with a UNICAF Scholarship.

UNICAF brings you one step closer to becoming a certified chartered accountant, and enjoying the career and life of your dreams, by allowing you to study online for the British Level 6 Diploma, which is equivalent to any British Bachelor degree in Accounting and Finance.

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