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How to Ace Your Probation and Sign That Confirmation Letter

ace that probation

The probation period in a new job is the trial period where a new employee’s skills are tested to see if they perform as expected. This is also a time for the new employee to see if the company is a good place to work.

During this time, either the employee or employer can terminate the employment with a shorter notice (usually a week) and they do not have to give reasons.

So you just signed the offer letter and you have been informed that you are under probation for three or six months. You already like your new role, the culture and the people in this office. You want this to be permanent. How do you ensure that create a good impression in your first days on employment?

You first need to understand the mistakes to avoid;

Why Do People Fail Probation?

Sometimes, new employees do not see the end of the required probationary period so that they can become fully employed. The most common reason may seem to be a lack of technical skills but there are main reasons as to why this happens.

ace that probation

These include;

  • Lack of interpersonal skills-poor communication, conflict resolution among others).
  • Failure to implement given feedback.
  • Inability to control one’s emotions.
  • lack of motivation.

However, all these problems can be resolved with a change of attitude and effort in the right direction.

Here are Six Strategies for Passing Your Probation

If you are a new employee or you have just been put under probation wondering how you are going to complete the probationary period successfully, no need to worry. Below are six ways to make see you through.

1. Create a Great First Impression

ace that probation

First impressions stick and go a long way regardless of whether they were good or bad. It is therefore important to ensure that you portray an impressive first impression. For instance, avoid being late to work or absent during events or meetings. Secondly, dressing as required by the company is another way to give a good impression of yourself. Also, completing given tasks on time or earlier than the given timeline is a plus as this shows you are disciplined in time. In addition, it also shows you are hardworking. Lastly, foster a good working relationship with the other employees as well as your superiors.

2. Measure Your Progress

During the probation period, the managers give new employees tasks to handle or projects to be completed during this period. The performance is checked at the end of the period. It is therefore very vital to understand the given tasks well and clarify what is required of you in case it is not clear to ensure that you meet the expectations or even better exceed them. While handling the given project, measure your progress. Set some smart goals for yourself apart from the ones your supervisor has set for you but let them guide you in setting yours. Consult with your superiors and colleagues where tasks seem challenging. Moreover, ask for honest feedback regarding your performance in the tasks given and implement the corrections and changes required of you. Greatness is not a one-time thing, it’s a lot of many small things done well over a period of time.

3. Find Opportunities to Shine

ace that probation

It is common practice for people to settle once they get something they desired. In this case, you may be tempted to stay in your comfort zone because it is like you already have the job you wanted. Please do not let this happen instead be proactive. Look for opportunities to showcase your gifts and talents. Prove to be an important asset that the company can not do without.Alongside doing projects that show your strengths, challenge yourself by handling tasks that seem to be new to you and learn new things in the process. Offer assistance to your colleagues or superiors in their own tasks as well without even them asking for it. You gain experience and skills and also form good relationships with workmates.

4. Build a Network

Building a network in your place of work is a good way to help you complete your probationary period well. For example, when you find yourself stuck in a given project, you can always approach one of your colleagues for their help. They may provide the pointers you need to set the ball rolling for you. Be teachable and ready to learn as you interact with your mentors

Bonus Tip: Know Your Worth

Most probation periods have provisional agreements in regards to salaries and benefits. For instance, you might be informed that your benefits will apply upon confirmation or that your salary will increase by a certain percentage if you meet certain set expectations. As your probation period nears the end, you might want to know what professionals in your industry are earning so that you have negotiating power during your review. Here is a tool that can help you with that. 

Doreen Mueke
Doreen is the Senior Content Marketer at Ringier One Africa Media.
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