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Balancing Motherhood and Career: How to Get it Right

balancing career and motherhood

Being a working mom is never easy. Juggling a full-time job with its pressures and a family an take toll on your work-life balance. When some things fall through the cracks you might find yourself engulfed by feelings of guilt and stress.

The secret lies in understanding that it is a journey with learnings and although no day will be similar to another, you can always gain some semblance of control. Focus on getting organised and planning events and activities ahead. Here are 5 tips on maintaining the delicate balance between your job and being the mom you have always wanted to be;

Get Quality Childcare

get quality childcare- balaning career and motherhood

Nothing will keep you distracted throughout your day like worrying about your kids’ safety, and comfort. Ensure the person you leave your child with is trustworthy checks the important boxes in your criteria list. While interviewing caregivers, whether nannies or daycare agencies, ask for references and conduct a rigorous background check. If possible, arrange for a play date during the interview and watch the interactions of the intended caregiver with your child or children. A good nanny should have excellent recommendations and extensive experience; while a good daycare agency should have employees with experience and a good recommendation, enough outdoor space, a low attendee-to child ratio and flexible hours.

Easen the Mornings

balancing career and motherhood - easen the mornings

Whether you have school-going kids or not, get in the habit of organizing what you need the night before. Pick out the clothes you will wear, pack the kids’ bags, diaper bag and lunches and ensure everyone knows where everything they will need in the morning is. You can also plan for days ahead, depending on your schedule and leave some room for any unexpected eventuality. This will help you avoid getting frazzled and confused in the morning.

Teach Everyone to Be Organised

balancing career and motherhood - teach organisation

Children respond well to schedules and routines. Take advantage of this fact and create family schedules that encompass work, school and home activities so that everyone has a view of what is expected of them each day. This can be in a visual format like a board or a physical calendar placed strategically with columns for each member of the family and days. You can then take a few minutes over the weekend to review accomplishments of the previous week and plan out the coming week. This not only keeps you organised and in control, it trains your children on the importance of planning and discipline as well.

Have an Understanding with Your Employer

balancing career and motherhood - have a good relationship with boss

Even the best-laid plans don’t always pan out. Keeping your employer close helps. Before talking to your employer, do a little bit of research on what you are entitled by the law and also on the company policies. Also, maintaining a good relationship with your boss may prove useful when you need flexibility in your schedule.

Stay Connected throughout the Day

stay connected to your family

You obviously have a desire to stay connected with your children even when you are away from them. In this age of technology and gadgets, it is easy to quickly check up on things at home from the office. You can make calls during your breaks. You can also have nanny cameras installed stealthily around your home so you are always aware of what is happening at home. You can also record yourself singing or telling a story on baby’s tablet so they can listen to your voice when you are away.

Take Care of Yourself

take care of yourself

As a working mother, you will always find yourself busy and being pulled in different directions. It is easy to get lost in between your role at home and at work and you realise you barely have time to catch your breath. You need to understand your value to your family and work; and the need for you to take care of yourself. Create time within your schedule where you take time away from both work and home duties and do something relaxing. This will leave you rejuvenated and ready to take on your roles with ease.


Doreen Mueke
Doreen is the Senior Content Marketer at Ringier One Africa Media.
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