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BrighterMonday Nominated for Best Corporate Blog BAKE Awards 2018

The annual Bloggers’ Association of Kenya Awards (BAKE Awards) are here again. The awards are geared towards recognising the best blogs in Kenya’s blogosphere which has the 3rd largest number of blogs in Africa, only after Nigeria and South Africa.

The awards have grown tremendously since their inception in 2012. Ranging from corporate to photography and creative writing, Kenya’s blogosphere is bubbling with talent and creativity. At the inception of the BAKE Awards, there were only 14 categories but that number has grown over the years, with 2018 having 23 categories as 2017. The categories include:

  1. Best Technology Blog
  2. Best Photography Blog
  3. Best Creative Writing Blog
  4. Best Business Blog
  5. Best Food Blog
  6. Best Environmental
  7. Best Fashion and Style Blog
  8. Best Agricultural Blog
  9. Best New Blog
  10. Best Corporate Blog
  11. Best Topical Blog
  12. Best Sports Blog
  13. Best Entertainment Blog
  14. Best Education Blog
  15. Best Travel Blog
  16. Best Public Health Blog
  17. Best County Blog
  18. Best Religious or Spirituality Blog
  19. Best Lifestyle Blog
  20. Best Beauty and Hair Blog
  21. Best Video Blog (Vlog) Blog
  22. Best Social Issues and Active Citizenship Blog
  23. Kenyan Blog of the Year

There were over 10,000 submissions this year. In order to increase transparency and make the voting process fair, BAKE will use a phone number-based voting system, where one receives a code through their number in order to complete the voting process. One person is entitled to one vote.

BrighterMonday Kenya

BrighterMonday Kenya’s blog ‘Career Centre’, has been nominated in this year’s ‘Best Corporate Blog’ category (category 10) against fair competitors. To secure this prize, we need your support. The blog has provided practical tips and advice to many job seekers, employed professionals seeking to scale up in their careers of choice, as well as HR managers and employers to help improve their recruitment and staffing duties.

We recognise that this nomination is a show of confidence in our work and we owe this to our ardent audience.  A win in this category would be a win for the job market.

To vote for BrighterMonday, kindly go to category 10, and help us bring this home.


Mueke Katwa
I have two years experience in Business Support which covers Human Resource as a function; and a lifelong passion in creative writing.
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