Resource Centre Employer’s Corner An Insight Into Our Product Price Changes For 2024: Enhancing Value For You

An Insight Into Our Product Price Changes For 2024: Enhancing Value For You

Explore upgraded Pro-recruit services, advanced job-matching. BrighterMonday is your committed partner in navigating Kenya’s evolving recruitment landscape.

BrighterMonday Kenya has supported hundreds of businesses this year in achieving their recruitment needs; we have taken great strides in fostering our mission of bridging the talent gap in Kenya.

Unfortunately, this year has seen the international marketplace face inflation and currency depreciation globally; Africa’s inflation rate fluctuates, peaking in June 2023 at 20.6%. We have managed to absorb cost increases so far, but to maintain a high standard of product and service quality, we must take this step.

We will be increasing the prices of some of our products starting Thursday 18th January 2024.

Why are our prices increasing?

  1. High cost of operation due to inflation and depreciating currencies.

This adversely affects our operating costs, including the technology that swiftly matches you to the right talent.

  1. Improved products and services.

We are working on new product developments that will make your search for the best candidates seamless:

  • We are improving the candidate quality, speed and delivery experience of our Pro-recruit product to ensure you get the best-qualified candidates in the shortest time possible.
  • We are investing in better job-matching technology to improve match accuracy, bringing you closer to finding the right candidate.
  • We are developing frameworks to attract and retain more high-value job seekers so you have a broader and more adequate selection pool.

We’ve invested countless hours into developing these new features and improving on existing ones; now, these improvements will be reflected in our prices for our customers. 

Our new pricing

StandardPro- Recruit
Old PriceKes. 15,000Kes. 50,000
New PriceKes. 18,000Kes. 60,000
Prices do not include VAT

Despite these changes, you can still purchase your preferred product(s) in bulk before Thursday, January 18th, 2024, at the current prices and save them for use later; there will be no expiration date on products purchased before the price rise.

Throughout our search for the best quality talent in the Kenyan marketplace, BrighterMonday interacts with a job seeker audience of over 1,100,000 candidates – we are your best partner for meeting your hiring needs from a large pool of high-quality job seekers. We remain committed to providing reliable, efficient, affordable, and easy-to-use service. We will continuously do what it takes to connect your growing business with talents that will achieve your growth objectives in the business landscape.

Visit the employer page and buy your preferred products now before the prices go up.

Do you need more information, or do you have questions for us? Simply reach out to us via or call us at 0703026000.

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