Resource Centre Career Development BrighterMonday Partners with Safaricom Hook to Empower Kenyan Youth

BrighterMonday Partners with Safaricom Hook to Empower Kenyan Youth

BrighterMonday partners with Safaricom Hook to offer Kenyan youth valuable career guidance, mentorship, and limitless digital opportunities.

BrighterMonday, Kenya’s top talent platform, partners with Safaricom to offer career guidance and mentorship to the nation’s youth. This collaboration transforms how Kenyan youth engage with technology and pursue career development through the Safaricom Hook platform.

Empowering Kenyan Youth

Safaricom Hook is a pioneering initiative designed to empower the youth in Kenya, focusing on technology, career development, and culture. By leveraging Safaricom’s extensive mobile network, the platform offers customized services that cater to the specific needs of young Kenyans. Safaricom’s commitment to the nation’s youth is evident in this visionary project.

BrighterMonday: A Trusted Career Partner

Safaricom’s selection of BrighterMonday as its career partner underlines the platform’s exceptional industry reputation. BrighterMonday has garnered accolades, including being named the Best E-Recruitment Portal and Firm in Kenya, and receiving recognition for its Best Youth Employment Strategies. With 1.3 million candidates, 50,000 employers, and 10,000+ job listings, BrighterMonday is well-prepared to support young Kenyan career paths.

A Lasting Connection

At the launch of the collaboration, Chris Otundo, BrighterMonday’s CEO, emphasized the profound impact of the partnership. He emphasized the importance of establishing a lasting connection with youth. Additionally, he stressed that it’s not solely about offering opportunities but also about providing resources and mentorship for thriving in a rapidly evolving digital world and seizing limitless career prospects.

Erick Wilson Wafula, Head of Marketing at BrighterMonday East Africa, echoed this sentiment, calling the partnership a game-changer for youth. He highlighted their joint effort with Safaricom to create a bridge to endless opportunities, bringing Kenya’s young talents closer to a brighter future with limitless career possibilities.

Supporting Youth in a Digital World

As part of this groundbreaking initiative, BrighterMonday is committed to assisting youth in achieving success in the swiftly evolving digital landscape. This support includes mentorship, educational materials, specific career guidance, and a multitude of job opportunities.

Join Safaricom Hook Today

Safaricom Hook is poised to transform how Gen Z interacts with technology, pursues career development, and engages with cultural experiences. This partnership underscores the unwavering commitment of both organizations to make a profound and lasting difference in the lives of Kenya’s youth.

Eligible customers, aged 10 to 24, can join the platform via the Safaricom Hook app or by dialing *555#.

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