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How The World Of Work Changed Over Time

The workplace is changing fast, and not just because of automation and the introduction of new technologies. Some 20 years or so before, no one would dream of wearing a pair of jeans to work, but now, that is almost the norm. You probably grew up hearing tales of the stringent nature of the world […]

World of Work

The workplace is changing fast, and not just because of automation and the introduction of new technologies. Some 20 years or so before, no one would dream of wearing a pair of jeans to work, but now, that is almost the norm. You probably grew up hearing tales of the stringent nature of the world of work and as you enter or grow in your career, most of the traditional rules no longer apply. New technologies and have changed how people work and collaborate on duties and this has had an impact on the lives of individuals, and more is yet to come.

Here are some ways in which the world of work has shifted right before your eyes.

  1. Rise of the Gig Economy or Freelancing

Gig economy

One of technology’s biggest blessings has been the creation of more possibilities, which have resulted in more opportunities. The changing nature of technology has come with so many job opportunities, which would have never been dreamed of before. As a result, freelancing is now on the rise, as people with the right skills start their own small consulting gigs or take up such gigs along their full-time jobs. You no longer have to hold an 8 to 5 job in order for you to earn a decent living or even open up a shop for you to be working. With the gig economy, there are many opportunities online for you to explore.

On the other hand, outsourcing is now becoming a mainstream in many businesses, especially small businesses, as they seek to contract specialists for short-term jobs which are not core to the operations of the businesses. Many companies are cutting costs by reducing the number of employees working for the full time and this has created numerous opportunities for specialists working as freelancers.

  1.  Flexibility is Taking Root

Flexible working schedules

With an increased penetration of technology, it is now possible to work from anywhere and at any timeThe routine 8 to 5 working schedule at a given location is being replaced as more people are increasingly finding it possible to deliver on their duties from any location and at any time. Additionally, millennials are increasingly open to the idea of working from any city or country which has made remote-working a reality in the modern world of work. Additionally, as globalization becomes a reality, people working from different locations are now collaborating on projects, resulting in the need for flexibility in working schedules. Geographical boundaries are increasingly being broken and this calls for a little adjustment to work as has always been known.

     3. Personal Branding is the In Thing

Personal brand

Emotional intelligence, networking and now personal branding all the secret ingredients to get you to the top now. All you need to do is to clearly understand what you are good at then craft an effective statement around this and sell your skills to the world. Personal branding gives you an identity that is independent of your employer and this speaks more about your capabilities than the environment in which you work. As the world becomes more interested in skills, personal branding will be at the heart of your success.

  1.  Changing Jobs is the New Normal

Once upon a time, people would stick with one employer for a lifetime or for as many years as possible. Growth was internal and moving jobs was almost unheard of. In those days, job security was also a part of the world of work. However, job security is no longer common and many people would rather jump ship to seek growth opportunities. Besides, everyone is more inclined towards new challenges in today’s world and this has caused many people to change jobs as a way of staying skilled and gaining new experiences. In some instances, the kind of perks offered by employers determines whether employees will stay around for long or whether they will just at the next available opportunity. More employes are now looking for their own interests as well, as opposed to the interests of their employers only.

  1.  The Side Hustle is Now Legitimate

Side hustle

Due to the changing nature of job security and decreasing salaries, more people are venturing into side hustles a safety net or to supplement their incomes. It is no longer to meet someone who is an accountant by day and Dj by night or a marketer who also sells clothes on the side. Gone are the days of people holding one job all their lives and depending on one source of income for a lifetime. The changing world of work is inculcating a sense of survival on modern-day employees and the side hustle is now a legitimate activity.

  1. New Jobs are Emerging Every Day

Emerging Jobs

You probably wanted to be a doctor, teacher, lawyer, nurse, or any other mainstream job as you grew up. Well, those are great careers to venture into. However, technology landed with a whole new set of jobs and they are streaming in with every new technology on the scene. You can now be a blogger, digital marketer, software developer, or any other thing that has landed on the shore, thanks to technology. Emerging jobs are now creating opportunities for more people and you should widen your horizon, as long as you have the right skills and derive pleasure from learning something new all the time.

     7. Work-Life Balance is Now Critical

Work-life balance

In today’s world of work, people want to be able to have a holistic life and this means balancing their life and their work. They no longer want a clear distinction which may affect either aspect of their lives. As a result, people are now seeking those opportunities which allow them to enjoy the best of both worlds. More employers are also providing opportunities for employees to have a healthy work-life balance as an incentive.

Bottom Line

The world of work is changing quickly and everyone has to keep up. Technology has changed how people interact at work and how things function.

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