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CV Screening Tips For Faster Shortlisting

CV screening

Sift Through the Applications Faster

The process of going through all the CVs submitted for any advertised position can be taxing and frankly, most people would rather not do it. However, in order for you to conduct a fair recruitment process and give all applicants a fair chance, you have to go through most of the applications submitted. Moreover, it gives you a chance to shortlist some talented candidates, and get a chance to ultimately hire a good candidate. So, here is how to make the process easier and faster.

  1. Make Use of Keywords

Sifting through CVs

Most HR recruitment softwares have keyword systems which quickly scan through submitted applications and give you those that closely fit what you are looking. Every job has specific keywords related to the positions and to the industry. Therefore, if you use keywords properly, the system is likely to pick out the most suitable CVs for you and greatly reduce the number that you have to manually read through.

  1. Determine Which Skills and Qualifications are the Bare Minimum

Important skills and qualifications

Once you have made this determination, you can quickly read through all applications and discarding those which do not meet the qualifications. This will take some time but at the same time, you will quickly rush to the section which is interest to you and this will make the process easier and faster.

  1. Make Use of Professional Recruiters

Professional recruitment services

Sometimes, you neither have the time to sift through CVs looking for the minimum skills and qualifications, nor do you have the right software in place. Additionally, you do not have the capacity to sift through all the applications yourself. Well, this is where you make use of professional recruitment services such as those offered by BrighterMonday, to do all the heavy lifting for you. Professional recruiters are equipped with the skills needed to help you get the right people within a short period. In some cases, you can even have them perform pre-screening interviews on your behalf, such that you only get to interview the most qualified candidates, who may not be more than 5.

  1. Make Use of Job Boards and Recruitment Services

Job boards and recruitment services

Job boards have become more sophisticated than before, to help employers quickly scan through CVs and get the right candidates. For example, with BrighterMonday’s Employer Centre, employers can place their advertisements and pick out the most important skills and qualifications for them. The centre will then sift through the CVs and only give you the most relevant CVs, based on the chosen categories. The result is a couple of resumes which have met the most important standards and an easier time for you.

  1. Read Through the Candidate’s Achievements

Personal achievements

Most importantly, look at what a person has done in previous positions and how these achievements can be of use to your company. It is an important thing to help you do your CV screening faster. You want a candidate with solid achievements so you can quickly look through CVs and and simply skip those which show no promise. The achievements of a candidate are a clear indication of what skills the person will bring on board and you can quickly match these skills to the ideal candidate you are looking for.

CV screening is not any recruiter’s most enjoyable activity. However, it is a necessary activity and you need to learn how to do it as fast as possible and get the best candidate possible. Therefore, use these simple tips to make your work easier and more efficient.

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