Resource Centre Impact Initiatives E-Biz Kwa Vijana Free Ecommerce & Entrepreneurship Training

E-Biz Kwa Vijana Free Ecommerce & Entrepreneurship Training

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About the Project

The e-Biz Kwa Vijana project is a digital and entrepreneurial skills development intervention designed to equip 1,000 youth and entrepreneurs in Kenya with relevant enterprise, digital, and soft skills required to improve their economic and business outcomes within the e-commerce industry. This initiative presents the e-commerce industry as an attractive avenue for young Kenyans between the age of 18-35 (40% female) by educating and supporting them to leverage the opportunities and economic benefits within the industry.

This 12-month project would be implemented in Nairobi – Kenya and intends to attract, train, onboard and support these young entrepreneurs to expand their market, sustain and scale their enterprises leveraging established e-commerce platforms. The intervention is also invested in generating knowledge products on what works, why and how in leveraging digital platforms to improve business outcomes of young people in Kenya. The project would leverage partnerships and collaboration with industry experts and stakeholders, employers and job seekers led by BrighterMonday Kenya under the umbrella of The African Talent Company (TATC).

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