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How to Handle Getting HeadHunted; The Dos and Don’ts

As with everything else in life, getting a how-to guide about certain things can be essential. Here are some tips on the do’s and don’ts on being headhunted.

Rules have been made for and around how to apply for jobs, how to change careers, or better yet, the job-searching tips that work, right? We all have come across such articles at one point in our lives. What about the dos and don’ts of getting headhunted? As with everything else in life, getting a how-to guide about certain things can be essential. Here are some tips on how to be headhunted;

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1. The Dos

Imagine getting to work prepared for your everyday life, and getting that awkward call, in between meetings with your employer. Someone headhunted you, they think you are the best fit for the job they are recruiting for. Here is a simple guide on what to do; 

Ask the recruiter to call back when you can talk

Most of us work in open-plan offices. Your boss may just be within earshot, and getting headhunted is not something you would like them to know. So first things first. Ask your recruiter to call you when you are better placed to talk about the opportunity in length. Understand the role and why they think you’d fit the position. 

Getting headhunted

Research about the organization

When you are in a senior executive position, chances are your contact information is out in the public. This makes it easier for recruiters to reach out when looking to fill such roles. When this happens, make sure to follow up with the recruiter. Find out in what capacity they are reaching out to you, and if they are qualified to. 

Take time to assess the offer

Getting headhunted can be exciting. This is someone reaching out to tell you how qualified you are for a position. However, do not get too excited. Assess the offer as you would any other job you apply for. Calculate the salary, hours needed at work, company reputation, and work schedules. Make sure you understand what you are getting into, before making a decision. 

getting headhunted

2. The Dont’s 

Overquote your salary expectation 

Getting headhunted means that the recruiter understands your skills and how you can contribute. Do not let this be a reason to overprice your worth and miss out on the opportunity for a great boost.  Research the market and calculate the salary expectations you’d expect from the role, then identify ways through which you can put this across. 

Slag on your current role  

Your current role is as important as the next job opportunity you are looking to start. Be mindful of your surrounding as anything can happen between your time of transition to starting the new role. Your current employer may make work difficult for you, especially once they find out you have been speaking with competitors and planning to leave. Do not use office stationery to print out CVs and offer letters. Keep off company emails when communicating with your potential employer. 

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If your current employer satisfies your career needs, do not be easily swayed into new markets. Make sure you understand what you are looking to get in the new roles before making a decision. With these tips, we hope your headhunting experience will be better.

Maureen Daisy
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