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How to Make Quality Job Applications on BrighterMonday

Are you using BrighterMonday to its fullest to get a job?

Employers use BrighterMonday to shortlist candidates daily. This article shows you how to make job applications that land you the ultimate interviews.

Every job seeker wants to land the next dream job, this is why we are making adjustments in our jobseeker application flow process. Here are some tactical tips on how you can leverage BrighterMonday and make job applications that work for you:

1. Keep your profile up to date

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Recruiters need authenticity. This is why applicants with profiles updated to 100% have a higher chance of getting noticed and shortlisted for new roles. A candidate should list their experiences, skills and career objectives to stand out to employers.

It is not just about the comprehensiveness of the candidate profile – it is also about the continuous activity on the site.

An outdated profile will no longer serve as a way to shortlist applicants. A user must update his/her profile to make job applications. Each user will be prompted to update their profile before applying.

2. Avoid a Profile Mismatch

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Job seekers often apply to any jobs on the job dashboard. This makes it almost impossible to get the right candidates due to the high mismatch between the job listing and candidate qualifications

For every job listing, an employer makes a detailed job summary – listing qualifications and skills – to ensure the right candidate apply. Going forward, every jobseeker will ensure that they apply to jobs they actually qualify for, and not any job.

Therefore, a user will be prompted if there is an inadequate match between their job application and the job listing. This will greatly reduce the chance of making wrong job applications and ease the shortlisting process.

3. Use of the Digital Profile Review

A candidate will be able to preview each application they make before submission. This not only allows for editing and cross-checking but also gives room for improvement. Users with completed profiles will therefore make better job applications and enhance their job search processes.

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Making job applications on BrighterMonday has been made better for the job seeker and more efficient for the recruiters. A complete profile will improve a candidate’s chance at a shortlist and eases the recruiters’ time and hiring efforts.

Make use of these new job application processes and land your next interview.

Maureen Daisy
Passionate Community Marketer, skilled in content creation, writing and in-depth knowledge research.
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