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Interesting Jobs You Should Probably Try Out

Interesting jobs

When social media management made its debut on the scene as an actual career in marketing and brand communications, many people dismissed it as a fad. Heck, it was not even possible to convince some parents that that was a real job that pays. Well, several years later, the job has grown roots and it is taking shape as a critical role in the modern world. What most people don’t know is that there exists other jobs in the market which are not the typical traditional jobs. Some are relatively new, while most are quite old. Here is a list of interesting jobs that you might want to consider.

  1. Wine Connoisseur

Wine Connoisseur

You might have heard people describing a wine as smooth, dry, or even fruity. Well, these tastes are definitely determined by a variety of factors but there are professionals out there who determine just how good the wine is and they are known as wine connoisseurs. Wine connoisseurs are knowledgeable in the different palates and they can even advice on what foods go well with what types of wine. The career is picking up in Kenya but requires one to be enlightened in the different kinds of wine, where they come from, and the winemakers of the world. This is definitely an interesting career in a world where people want to really enjoy their wine and you can give them the right advice to help them do just that.

  1. Make-up Artists

Make-up artist

Most people apply their own makeup but some people would really do well with some help. On the other hand, when people have special occasions where they really need to look the part, they hire the services of professional makeup artists who have a flair of a wide array of aspects that come with the trade such as skin types, skin tone, and what shades work best for every person. Makeup artists also offer their services in television shows when they need to create after effects. This field is growing every day, as people embrace the need to look good all the time and especially during special occasions.

  1. House Sitter

Imagine you have to travel for a while and you need to ensure that your house will be safe when you are away. Well, you can install CCTV cameras or hire a watchman or leave your family members in charge of your mansion.  If all these are not available, you can make use of the services of a house sitter. These are professionals who stay in your house for the period you will be away, for a fee. Their job is to ensure that there is normalcy in your house. This is definitely a good way to keep thieves away

  1. Pet Salonist

Pet salonist

You know about human salonists and their job descriptions. However, there is another category of salonists that you have probably not heard about. Pets were invisible and belonged to the outside. Now, they have the full benefits accorded to most family members. You can now take your pet to the salon to be cleaned, pampered and basically, be made to look good. Well, that is a good thing because it has created jobs for pet salonists who ensure that your pets look just as good as you do.

  1. Mixologist


A mixologist is a person who is skilled in the art of mixing drinks to create cocktails. As a mixologist, you have to learn which mixes and liquors go well together so that you can create smooth drinks for your patrons to enjoy. It is a process that takes time and a lot of experimentation but the first thing is to understand different kinds of drinks and how they pair up with different meals and which drinks they can be paired up with. If you enjoy experimenting with drinks during parties, you can create a career out of that passion by becoming a mixologist.

  1. Food Critic

Food critic

Have you seen people whose job is to review travel destinations, drinks, or just about any service? Well, those are known as critics and they have deep knowledge about what they critique. A food critic is a person who is skilled in different tastes, flavours, and textures of different foods across the world. They have a wealth of expertise of food preparation and pairings and can tell a lot about the food prepared by simply tasting it. They are highly-sought-after professionals whose expertise is used in creating some of the world’s best menus. Clearly, your love for food can create a job for you.

  1. Tattoo Artist

Tattoo artist

Body art has always been an important part of society as it is used for personal and cultural expression. However, it was always done in a crude way and the end results were not always so appealing. Thankfully, there are some professionally trained tattoo artists who can transform your wildest imaginations into some beautiful work of body art that you will be proud to flaunt. If you are artistically inclined, you can try your hand in this growing career path, which has some good returns for those who are passionate and skilled.

The world is creating lots of exciting opportunities for those who want to be different and are willing to try out new ideas. It really just takes some bravery and creativity to create a career out of some seemingly mundane things but the best part is, you will get to have some fun while at it.

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