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International Quant Championship 2023

Join the 2023 International Quant Championship on WorldQuant’s BRAIN platform and showcase your skills in developing predictive mathematical models.

Break into the world of quantitative finance and participate in WorldQuant BRAIN’s 2023 International Quant Championship — one of the world’s largest quant competitions.

WorldQuant, a global quantitative asset management firm, recently announced the launch of its 2023 International Quant Championship (IQC), a global, three-stage, team-based competition. Participants will compete by developing and backtesting predictive mathematical models, or alphas. WorldQuant defines alphas as mathematical models that seek to predict the future price movements of various financial instruments.

The 2023 IQC builds on the many competitions WorldQuant has hosted over the years and welcomes talent from eligible regions and of all experience levels. Top-scoring teams may be qualified to win cash prizes from a pool of US$100,000 and the opportunity to represent their country or region at the Global Finals in the Bahamas. Additionally, WorldQuant seeks to engage top talent around the world, and certain eligible participants who score well in the IQC may be considered for research consulting opportunities at WorldQuant.

The 2023 IQC will take place on WorldQuant’s BRAIN platform. There is no fee to register for a BRAIN account or to participate in the International Quant Championship.

The IQC is relevant for all individuals who are analytical and enjoy working with data even if they are new to Finance. The BRAIN platform offers a variety of resources to teach you about quantitative finance, including live webinars, training videos, documentation and the community forum. WorldQuant BRAIN will also conduct exclusive webinar series for IQC to enable participants to learn how to create alphas using the data sets and operators on the BRAIN platform.

Registration for the 2023 IQC is currently open. Register now. This is a chance to break into the world of quantitative finance and participate in one of the world’s largest quant competitions.

“WorldQuant seeks to create opportunities for quants globally to collaborate and excel as they pursue their passion for quant,” said Igor Tulchinsky, Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of WorldQuant. “The International Quant Championship provides the technical tools and platform to compete and learn as participants seek the crown of IQC champion and demonstrate their quantitative capabilities. I look forward to seeing what this year’s participants can achieve.”

“The International Quant Championship will provide individuals from around the world with the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of quantitative finance, and hone the technical skills required to fuel their success,” said Nitish Maini, Chief Strategy Officer of WorldQuant. “The latest competition will enable WorldQuant to further leverage its growing network of quants and ultimately fuel collaboration. We are excited to welcome participants and follow their development over the course of the competition.”

Here is how to get started

  • Sign up: Register for the 2023 International Quant Championship
  • Team Up: Once your potential team members are registered on the platform, form a team of 1-4 members via the Team tab on the platform.
  • Train: Explore the Learn section on the BRAIN platform, watch the instructional videos and join our exclusive live webinar workshops for IQC participants. Please check the Events page for future webinars.
  • Compete: Start building and submitting alphas on the Simulation page using historical financial market data and predefined operators.

About WorldQuant and WorldQuant BRAIN

Headquartered in the US, WorldQuant is a quantitative asset management firm founded in 2007 with over 750 employees spread across 15 countries. We seek to produce high-quality predictive signals (alphas) through our proprietary research platform. These signals are employed in financial strategies across a variety of asset classes and global markets.

Through the WorldQuant BRAIN program, we also work with global talent to be a part of our greater research efforts by contributing alphas and other quantitative finance algorithms.

The BRAIN program offers multiple advantages:

  • Learn: Discover the world of quantitative finance using 30,000+ data fields and diverse tools on the BRAIN platform. Access in-depth training and mentorship from experienced quants and exciting global challenges and events.
  • Earn: The upsides include merit-based financial compensation as a BRAIN research consultant and potential opportunities for internships and full-time positions with WorldQuant. 
  • Connect: Be part of a diverse group of intellectually curious individuals with an interest in quantitative finance.  
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