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Job Matching, Reinvented!

We recognize the importance of quality over quantity in the hiring process. Swiftly & effectively connect with the most qualified candidates for your vacancies.

At BrighterMonday, we understand that hiring managers and recruiters need to prioritise quality over quantity when attracting applications for their job vacancies.

Hence, our latest feature additions are built to match employers with the best-qualified candidates, quickly and efficiently.

Welcome to a better way…

We have introduced a new ‘Relevance Ranking’ feature that uses an in-built matching score to rank applicants according to their relevance to the job description, so you can see the best-qualified applicants right at the top of the list!

This means less time is spent reviewing candidates who have applied, as the most relevant ones are shown at the top in rank order.

Available on both the Basic & Standard products.

We will also make introductions…

We have added a ‘Recommended Candidates’ feature that suggests ten (10) suggested candidates that match the role published on the platform and you can invite them to apply.

This is done as soon as your job listing is published, giving you faster access to a pool of qualified candidates and the added value of leveraging our database for highly qualified candidates outside of those who have seen the job.

Giving you the ability to connect with your ideal candidates right from the get-go!

Available on the Standard product.

And there you have it! No matter what product you use on our platform, you can enjoy a world-class matching experience and a faster path to finding the right match and hiring your dream candidate.

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Vanessa Njenga
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