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How To Get An MBA Degree In Kenya

MBA degree in Kenya

Most people put off getting quality higher education because of the associated costs and time required to attain an MBA. This doesn’t have to be the case. Prospective students just need to approach the right institution and know the right process to follow in order to ensure that they land the scholarship to pursue their dreams with a little worry in regards to MBA fees. An MBA scholarship can provide this solution and UNICAF is a good example of just how easy getting your MBA can be.

Most students fail to get scholarships because of two major reasons; approaching the wrong institution for the scholarship they wish to get and not following the correct procedure while seeking the scholarships. Below are some important pointers for the prospective students to use when applying for an MBA Scholarship in Kenya.

Approach the Right Institution for Your MBA Scholarship

Universtities offering MBA

An institution’s reputation is key in determining how marketable your MBA is going to be for your career after completion. This means that you should be very cautious when choosing the institution to enroll for an MBA scholarship with. Do your research, ask around and if possible visit their local offices and get a feel of what they are about. Also, check their accreditation status and ensure that the programme is recognized in your country.

Good news, UNICAF programmes are provided by credible affiliated institutions and are internally recognized. Meaning with a UNICAF degree you can get work in different parts of the world without an issue.

Ensure You Have the Requirements for an MBA Scholarship

MBA requirements

All programmes have set requirements that prospective students have to meet before they can be admitted. Read the requirements of an MBA scholarship programme keenly and note all the requirements stated. Do not trivialise any part of the requirement and consider it minor. It might be the difference between you getting or missing the scholarship opportunity.

Update Your Resume Before Applying for an MBA Scholarship

This may seem just like a normal thing, but your resume matters a lot on whether or not you will be able to get the MBA scholarship. Approaching the right institution is just

the first step. Prepare a sound resume ranging from your academic achievements, interests, hobbies, talents, and gifts to any co-curriculum activities that may be of interest to the institution and that may place on the way to getting your MBA Scholarship.

Do not Rush through the Application Process

Applying for an MBA

Lastly, it is important for you to take the application process seriously. Follow the guidelines to the latter. The application process may require you to do something like writing a personal essay telling the institution why they should consider you for the scholarship program. Ensure you write the best personal essay you can to land yourself the scholarship. For instance, UNICAF personnel usually call an applicant to get additional information following a scholarship application. In such an instance, give full and correct information to complete the process.

Feel like you are ready to get your MBA? Get your MBA Scholarship with UNICAF today by applying here.


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