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5 Online Courses for an Excellent Post-Covid-19 Career

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Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, most companies and organizations have switched to remote working. Unfortunately, some companies have had to lay off their employees due to the hard economic times. Essential services industries, on the other hand, are still operational. 

Whether you are working from home or unfortunately you have been laid off, you have more time in your hands and are wondering what to do during the quarantine. Here is some good news; you can work to gain more skills to boost your career or gain new ones that are going to get you a better job after the quarantine is over. Unicaf, an online learning platform that offers degree and certificate programmes from reputable universities in the UK, US, and Africa is your chance to gain more skills or change your career 

Here are 5 online courses from Unicaf to do while in quarantine:

Human Resource Management

A company is as good as its employees. Hiring and Managing employees is a vital aspect for every firm especially when hiring remote employees. Now more than ever companies are looking for competent human resource managers.

Become a Human Resource Personnel by undertaking a 4-week course from the University of California, Riverside. With this certificate, you will gain different internationally recognized skills like; labour relations, compensation negotiations, recruiting and training, workers retention, benefits and appraisals.  

The best part is that it is all online. There are video courses and notes at your disposal throughout and a final exam to show your effectiveness as a talent manager. 


With remote working as the new normal, most companies have been caught off-guard. Organizations are trying their best to have their employees adjust to a totally new working environment. A 4-week human behavioral course from the University of California, Riverside might be just what you need.

Explore new modes of communication or improve your existing ones by understanding human interactions and behavior. In addition, enable your employees to adjust smoothly by learning new modes of conflict resolution in a remote environment. 

Public Health

Medical and pharmaceutical services are top i the list of essential services and are in the frontline fighting against the pandemic. Public health is a holistic approach to communal health matters. Do you feel called to help combat this pandemic from the front line? Take a Master’s degree in Public health course online from the University of Suffolk.

The demand for health workers will go even after the pandemic as countries work to strengthen their health systems. With this degree, you can work either nationally or internationally according to your preference.

Web Development

Programming skills have always been in high demand. Even with the pandemic hitting the globe, things haven’t changed much. Companies are still in need of professional web developers and programmers in general. As a matter of fact, organizations are migrating their workspace online to enable efficient remote working.

As such, IT professionals specializing in different areas are required. For instance, web developing, cybersecurity since now firms are working online, cloud specialist to assist in the digital migration among others. This is your chance to gain some IT skills. 

Logistics and Supply Chain Management

With people working from home and avoiding social interactions, most people are not visiting their favourite shopping malls or restaurants. Delivering items to customers doorsteps is the way to go for businesses. Some countries are in lockdowns and curfews making this even more relevant.

You can make this your new venture. Take a Bachelor’s degree course from Unicaf in supply chain management. Unicaf offers you competence in all aspects of supply chain management. You can even choose to specialize in a number of industry-related methodologies and approaches.  This is a major disruption in the supply industry. Even after the crisis has been averted, people are still going to prefer to have things delivered to them. It can be your lifelong dream career.

Stay Home with Unicaf

There is a wide pool of learning resources for you on the Unicaf platform. Invest in reaching your professional goals by taking some time and scheduling online courses with Unicaf.

Moreover, you can acquire quality-higher-education from the comfort of your home. There are short courses and full-online degree programmes offered by recognized universities across the globe. Unicaf makes them all of them available to you.

It is time to make the very best of this time you have at your disposal. Visit today to register.

Doreen Mueke
Doreen is the Senior Content Marketer at Ringier One Africa Media.
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