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How to Prepare and Pass VMware 2V0-642 Exam

VMware 2V0-642 Exam

VMware certifications are globally recognized IT credentials that have been helping professionals for many years now. These aren’t your typical certifications as VMware certifications are considered top-notch validations among IT people. Why? Simply because VMware itself is part of the ever-popular IT multinational corporation, Dell Technologies.

As a renowned subsidiary of Dell, VMware has created its own name in the industry through its range of cloud computing technologies and platform virtualization software.

And if you’re looking for a poignant addition to your IT profile, then getting one of VMware top certifications is the best way to get started.

Look no further and assess if VMware Certified Professional 6 – Network Virtualization is the right fit for you and your IT needs. Through this preparation guide, you’ll get the chance to weigh if you are ready to take your career to the next level. So, let’s start!

VMware Certified Professional 6 – Network Virtualization

Before anything else, let’s discuss what VMware Certified Professional 6 – Network Virtualization is all about. This credential revolves around the VMware NSX 6.2 environment. It is one of the most marketable validations presently, because of the wide appreciation of the VMware NSX. VMware NSX is the organization’s network virtualization and security platform created after the acquisition of VMware of Nicira back in 2012. This platform allows the application of various virtual networks on both the physical network and virtual server infrastructure.

Additionally, this certification exam is part of the VMware Certified Professional – Network Virtualization, popularly known as VCP-NV, which is labeled as a mid-level certification. To get it, you need to pass first either 2V0-620 or 2V0-602 certification exam and only then can you take the 2V0-642 test. And through VCP-NV accreditation, you prove that you are meant for greater heights―like enhancing the company’s network economics and security operations.

You can find more details about VMware Certified Professional 6 – Network Virtualization  certification here.

VMware 2V0-642 Exam

Once you understand that the VMware Certified Professional 6 is all about Network Virtualization in a particular environment, you can now get to know more about its corresponding certification exam – 2V0-642. The exam highlights your skills and proficiency withregards to designing, installing, troubleshooting and managing in a VMware NSX 6.2 environment.

This is something very important to note because VMware NSX is always progressing. Hence, having an idea of what the exam focuses on allows you to set your goals ahead, and prepare using the right study resources.

How to Prepare for and Pass the Exam?

Just like any other exam, preparation is the most important tool, coupled with perseverance, patience and passion. Remember, VMware certifications are widely accepted credentials among employers. So, below are the top ways for you to ace 2V0-642 exam in just one take.

1. Gear yourself up with hands-on experience

VMware 2V0-642 Exam

To make everything easier for you, it is best that you first equip yourself with valuable knowledge and practical experience with NSX, vSphere and other related technologies. Aside from a VMware background, candidates are required to enroll on a mandatory training course to further pass the VCP-NV elective exam.

2. Know the exam format ahead

VMware certifications exam format

If you think you have more than enough experience, then continue with your preparation and know the exam format. VMware 2V0-642 exam is a proctored 120-minute test with 77 questions to be completed. In order to pass the exam, you need to get at least 300 points in the scale of 100 to 500. As a standard practice with most exams, this one also features scored and unscored questions. Only the scored ones are to be reflected in your test performance. The exam format consists of single and multiple choice questions.

3. Read the official VMware NSX 6.2 documentation

To begin your journey to sitting for the exam, read and thoroughly understand the official documentation offered by VMware for the NSX 6.2 environment. This is the best way to start and speed up your preparation process. Since the 2V0-642 exam discusses installation, troubleshooting, and administration in a VMware NSX 6.2 environment, there are three official guides to focus on, to understand NSX. You can also take advantage of the VMware vSphere Networking guide, which is a vital study resource for all other VMware NSX certifications.

4. Wade through personal exam experiences

VMware NSX 6.2 environment

Personal encounters from real exam takers are also critical study materials for certification exam aspirants. These immediate experiences can provide you with an imperative study plan and general study tips so that you can manage your time properly. There are plenty of VMware 2V0-642 exam experiences from successful candidates online, which you can take advantage of.

5. Practice some mock exams on PrepAway

To truly get a feel of the real VMware 2V0-642 exam, VMware itself provides learners with the official VCP6-NV (2V0-642) 6.2 Practice Exam and VMware Certified Professional 6 – Network Virtualization (2V0-642) Online Practice Exam. These are offered for free. In addition to these, you can find reliable online platforms, such as, which offer the latest exam dumps. The files available at PrepAway are usually uploaded by real exam-takers, which means that they are valid. Additionally, you can find bundles that offer exam questions and answers together with a training course.

On, the questions and answers provided, have been checked by IT experts. This bundle contains 121 questions and answers and a training course that includes 40 video lectures with the most significant information on passing the VMware 2V0-642 exam. The questions are provided in ETE format and can be practiced with the help of the ETE Exam Simulator. This tool will make your preparation process interactive, as it simulates the real exam environment. And the most enjoyable thing is that PrepAway offers such bundle at an affordable price, which is less than $50. By answering these exam dumps ahead, you’ll uncover your strengths and find out any gaps needed to be polished. Further, these practice tests help you boost your confidence and prepare you mentally for the exam.


Now that many businesses take into account network virtualization into their systems, having a certified individual with the right knowledge and skills is truly vital. Network virtualization is often utilized because of its flexibility in terms of software computing resources and storage systems. Further, brand protection is always an important aspect to take into account as well.

With a certification like VMware Certified Professional 6 – Network Virtualization, you don’t just increase your VMware versatility and enhance your career growth, but you also help businesses achieve their goals. Through VMware 2V0-642, you are guaranteed to have your profile polished and prepared positively!

So, invest your effort in the exam preparation and use PrepAway’s most valid prep materials to pass the exam on the first try.

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