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Should You Pay a Professional to Write Your CV?

should you pay someone to write your cv

Would you pay a professional to write your CV for you?

Some people argue that self-written CVs are more accurate since the owner understands their qualifications, skills and experience better.

Truth is, the belief that an individual writing their own CV is the best option is not always true. Most people struggle with a number of problems like complex formats, wrong grammar and unnecessary details that do not highlight the required skills or experience.

In-depth consultation with a professional CV writer on one’s career journey and achievements will help identify exactly what is needed for a particular sector or role. This will also help cut out unnecessary details in the CV making them stand out as applicants.

So how do you know your CV needs to be reviewed and re-written by a professional? Simple, if you keep applying for jobs and never get any feedback from employers, your CV might be the issue. Click To Tweet

You might be qualified and the best candidate for a role in question, but if your potential employer doesn’t see that on your CV they will never find out.

Need more convincing? Here are other reasons why you should consider getting your CV reviewed by a professional;

What You Consider Best Might Not be the Recruiter’s Ideal

why you need a professionally written cv

Like any other industry, the HR industry is quite dynamic owing to technology adoption. This means that it might be difficult to understand what recruiters and employers want in candidates.

Also, getting a second eye look through your CV to offer opinion and guidance is always recommended. This helps gauge the relevance of your professional summary to the employer you are trying to address.

CV Review Improves Your Employability

Writing a good CV is not everyone’s forte. You might get a good template from the internet. However, filling in the right details that will make you stand you might not be as easy as a single download.

When professionals in the HR industry review your CV, they know exactly what information is needed where. They are also well versed in industry jargon and how to use it effectively.

You Might Be Leaving Out Critical Information

why you need your cv written by a professional

How many times do you openly talk about your achievements? Do you even know your achievements? Most of us have been conditioned to downplay our achievements and not shine too bright. Bragging is looked down upon and modesty is the way to go. While these principles apply in some areas of life, they work against you during a job search.

Employers are looking for candidates who have gone beyond their job descriptions in the past and left great achievements in their tenure. A professional CV writer knows this and will highlight all those moments in your CV.

Getting a Professional CV Review Might Be Just What You Need

why you need a professionally written cv

The job industry has become so competitive. A good job ad will on average attract over 150 applications. This means that recruiting managers are bombarded with CVs. A HR professional usually takes 7 seconds to determine if  CV is worth their time. Their eyes quickly rush through the important details and decide to bin or to call for an interview.

When was your CV last updated? Just take a quick look at it and ask yourself objectively, if it would sell who you really are in seven seconds. You might be the ideal candidate for a particular job, but if your CV cannot get you a seating with the panel, it doesn’t count. You might have missed out on great opportunities in the past because your CV did not represent you as it should. Maybe it is time you involved a professional CV writer.

How many job applications have filled the recruiter’s email but never draw the right attention? You have a chance to escape this black hole with a CV that accurately defines your qualifications and capability.

Get your CV Reviewed and Re-written today.

Doreen Mueke
Doreen is the Senior Content Marketer at Ringier One Africa Media.
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