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When Promotion Comes Without a Pay raise – What To Do

You have worked hard, excelled in all your tasks and goals and your boss has noticed. The promotion you have been anticipating is very close. Your boss drops the good news that you have been promoted to a more senior position. There’s a catch though, this promotion comes without a pay raise. You are in […]

when promotion comes without payraise

You have worked hard, excelled in all your tasks and goals and your boss has noticed. The promotion you have been anticipating is very close. Your boss drops the good news that you have been promoted to a more senior position. There’s a catch though, this promotion comes without a pay raise. You are in a dilemma. Should you turn down the promotion offer?

A poll conducted by BrighterMonday shows that most people would not accept a promotion that comes without a pay raise.

promotion without pay raise

While the popular decision is understandable, it is important to consider a few factors before giving a negative answer. For instance, how will your answer affect your current relationship with your boss? Will he or she view you in the same way as before? Obviously, the situation creates tension, with your boss hoping you accept and you wanting deserved compensation for the additional services.

Other factors you should consider before turning down a promotion without a Pay raise are;

What tasks have been added to your plate?

negotiate promotion

A change in title mostly comes with additional tasks like supervising a team. In very few instance will you find a change in a title just because the management feels the previous name did not capture the full extent of the role’s scope. Before giving any feedback, seek to understand exactly what changes are coming with the new title. Is it a few additional tasks or will the new move completely revolutionize what you were doing?

If the new title will need quite the readjusting on your end, you need to raise it with your boss that it is only fair that arrangements be made to review your salary. Even if an immediate salary increase is not possible, negotiate for additional benefits.

What Additional Benefits are Coming with the New Role?

After you boss tells you that the company budget does not allow for any salary review at the moment, do not just throw in the towel yet. Ask if you can get additional benefits and list those in your company’s list that you currently don’t enjoy like additional vacation time, flexi-hours, transport or house allowance etc. This gives you an opportunity to learn a new skill as you plan on your next move. You might even realize that there is not much difference between what you are earning and the value of that title in the market. If that is the case, then you still got the upper hand by getting more benefits.

Can You Get a Salary Review in 3 or 6 Months?

negotiate for salary

Once you get the information from your boss that your title is changing and that you are not getting an immediate salary raise. Ask for a meeting, then outline how the new role will change everything for you in terms of your capacity and additional effort required. You can then suggest that they put you on 3 months or 6 months probation after which there will be an appraisal of how you performed with a salary review.

What Impact Does the New Title Have on Your Career?

don't miss out on opportunities

The fact that you have a new title means that even your job search efforts and standing in the market changes. You can now begin looking for jobs within your current scope or even higher in companies that will likely pay better. All you need to do is have enough patience to gain the experience needed. Learn the new skills needed quickly then begin your stealth job search.

At the end of the day,

get a win win solution

The lack of alignment between tasks and pay isn’t always tenable for anyone. The employer stands to lose when an employee uses the new title to get better pay elsewhere, and the employee risks giving themselves more and not getting the pay they deserve.

Every situation is unique. Think about your career and where you want to be. If the new title makes you get there faster, accept the promotion. If the new title has very little to offer, then by all means, turn it down.

How to effectively ask or get a promotion

More Kenyans are accessing jobs online. Majority of recruitment companies advertise on web platforms and on Linkedin web pages. As a smart job seeker, you are keen to find jobs that will advance your career interests. Luckily, you read the job requirements and confidently apply for a position that suits your experience.

As fate will have it, you get the job!

The position is ideal and you understand that every work environment, demands results. You have grown, learnt and demonstrated your capability to perform the job well. However, it is now five years and there has been no indication of any salary increase or a promotion.

You have resulted in befriending your immediate boss, but those unprecedented tactics do not work in your favor. As time goes by, frustration sinks in and buries your motivation to excel.

It is time to deliberately use these unique strategies to get that promotion you deserve.

Most importantly, review your career accomplishments!

Companies hire, retain and promote individuals that meet their KPIs or targets.
Do not expect to gain a promotion without excelling in your position.

Secondly, demonstrate your leadership capability.

It is becoming more evident that top recruiters, seek individuals who have proved that they can offer thought leadership; ability to lead teams and offer direction.

Work closely with your team to excel.

More so, be a team player and make your colleagues shine as well. No man is an island. Surprisingly, most people who succeed in life offer support to their teams. These intimate deeds get noticed, creating a ripple effect that can spur promotions in your entire department.

What idea have you offered your current employer and is being utilized?

Become an expert in your field, offer critical solutions that can improve processes and offer the company long term growth.

Document your achievements, against set contractual obligations.

If you are in a position that requires certain duties/targets to be completed within a specified framework, considering initial contract agreements, then you have proof that allows you to make requests for a raise or promotion.

Initial stages of the interview are equally important.

If the company structure is clear and offers promotion duration, then you must adhere to the terms after accepting the offer. This means you need to first understand how the promotion process and policies take effect before signing the employment contract.

Advancing your education,

allows you to gain technical skills, making you more valuable and hard to replace. Most employers cited that they promote professionals who are dedicated and get the job done. Results you deliver in the workplace will always pay off either in the short run or near future.

A promotion is just a little step in the right direction.

Tips on Getting That Promotion

Most of us have promotion and career growth as one of our career resolutions for this year. You have made plans on what you feel you need to do in order to position yourself for that promotion you have been eyeing. But have you done enough? Here are a few additional things you might want to consider to improve your chances of nailing that promotion this year;

  1. Develop Mentoring Relationships

We all need some help when it comes to career and development, don’t be shy to get a mentor to help you navigate the employment sector.It is recommended that you get someone in the same field as you. You mentor should also be someone with vast experience, this way you get more help as you try to figure out your career path. On the flip side, the fact that you are seeking a promotion means that you are now an expert in your field and hence your efforts to seek greater challenges. This means that you are now in a position to mentor someone else too. Take this chance to offer training and advice to your juniors. 

  1. Quantify Your Performance and Achievements

Promotions are mostly based on merit and results. You need to prove the fact that you have delivered in your current role and that you will carry the same enthusiasm to the next role if given a chance. Be sure to keep a record of all the projects you have handled, show the impact these projects had on the brand and also explain what could have been done better. This shows preparedness, creativity and innovation, as well as loyalty to the brand.  

  1. Ensure Your Relationship with Colleagues is Good

The position you are eyeing could be a one that thrusts you into leadership or management. This means that collaboration will be a key soft skill to master. This cannot be possible if the relationship between you and your colleagues is strained. You need to work a little extra to straighten things out if their are issues. This can be a very thin line to thread, establish a good working relationship with your bosses and colleagues but don’t be that person who will do anything for a promotion.You should be known for what you do, don’t be afraid to share some of your ideas with the team, be ready to also work with everyone else, be the kind of person that listens and considers what others have to say. It shows the level of growth and your ability to work with other people.

  1. Acquire New Knowledge and Skills.

A promotion requires you to be ready for a greater challenge. You cannot face greater challenges with the same outlook or approach as before. You need new ammunition in the form of additional skills and knowledge. Research on your area of interest. What are the most in demand skills for this position? Prepare for this new role as you continue positioning yourself to get it. Don’t wait till you get the promotion then start running around plagued by the imposter syndrome. it, get the skills you need for the job. This could also include taking a management class, these skills will be very helpful since you now have to work with a bigger group of people.

  1. Build Your Network.

You learn so much about your area of expertise when you interact with people, these people don’t have to be from your company, attend networking events and have conversations that help build strong work relationships.

  1. Ask for More Responsibilities.

As you prepare to be promoted and take on a larger role, the best way in is unofficially taking on additional tasks here and there. Volunteer to help when there is a project and do your best to stand out ad be noticed by people who matter. Of course, this should not negatively affect your current responsibilities. You should also be careful not to inadvertently put yourself in a position where you become the de facto volunteer with no promotion in sight. 

  1. Be a Professional at All Times.

This could sound like a cliche, but professionalism does matter when a company is considering who to promote to a more visible position. How you carry yourself is a clear reflection of how you will influence those under you and ultimately influence performance. Simple things like showing up to work on time, dressing appropriately all the time, your interpersonal interactions with colleagues matter. 

  1. Be a Team Player.

A team player will most likely foster the team spirit when given a position of influence. Being part of a team requires effort, patience, tolerance and respect for each team member. These are aspects you need to consciously work on as you prepare for that promotion. You need the entire team to work together smoothly, appreciate everyone in the team and take to listen to everyone.

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