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Signs of A Stagnant Career.

Have you got to a point where you feel like you are doing your job on autopilot? You show up for work because you have to and you are always waiting for the weekend. This should be a red flag and you probably need to take some time to think about your career path. If you somehow find yourself in a frustrating job that you don’t like and a career that is certainly not taking you anywhere, you are likely on the path to a career stagnation or facing one. Here are some signs to look out for.

  1. No opportunities for growth

If your current job gives you no opportunities for growth, you feel like you are stuck in a routine and are not exploring your full potential, then it’s probably time to make a change.Don’t think twice when offers come  from other places, this could be a chance for growth or even a new challenge.


  1. Lacking skills.

Sometimes you feel like you could accomplish more if you had better skills.Don’t hesitate to go back to school, take online classes or even learning from your colleagues. Invest in yourself and the organization we definitely find a reason to give a new challenge. Always look for ways to make yourself better at what you do.


3.No salary increment.

This is usually the most obvious sign of career stagnation.After years and years of hard work and you going the extra mile and your efforts are not receiving any compensation, it’s time to think of making some changes.  You need that motivation to come in everyday and give your best and if you feel like you are not appreciated, it’s so easy to switch off. Take charge of the situation, talk to you manager if you have to or start actively searching for something else.


  1. Bored at the office.

Now this might sound so obvious but it happens. Do you take too long to settle in the morning or get to the office and spend hours on social media(when this is not your job) or end up watching videos on Youtube? Do you only show up because you have to pay your bills and can’t wait to leave? Then this is a red flag you should not ignore. Act on it immediately, you are not doing yourself any justice. Take up more duties if you don’t have  much to do.


  1. No possibility of acquiring knowledge.

Your job should help you grow, acquire more skills, learn and apply more skills. If this is not happening and you in the same situation you were when you first joined, you are on the path to career stagnation. This could lead to frustration or even a negative attitude towards work. Talk to your manager and together you can ways to improve your skills and apply them.


  1. Disagreements with your managers.

When you feel like your efforts are not being appreciated or you are even taken for granted or your ideas are not respected. This eventually leads to frustration at your workplace with you feeling overwhelmed.Instead of letting this situation ruin your relationship with your bosses, move on to something else, somewhere you feel more appreciated and respected.


Sarah Wangari
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