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BrighterMonday Skills Assessment: Look Beyond The CV

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A wrong hire will cost your company 3 times their annual salary. Most HR experts have experienced the “lion on the CV and cat on the job” scenario. Despite their best efforts, hiring managers still end up with about 30% wrong hires. Job seekers have perfected the art of crafting awesome CVs that intrigue hiring managers. This means that hiring managers now have to look beyond the CV.

Our mission at BrighterMonday is to match the right talent with the right opportunity and improve productivity in the workplace. We believe that for this to happen, the process has to be objective and backed by verifiable data. Thus, in addition to our advanced matching solutions, we have introduced competency-based assessments that can predict a candidate’s competency. This is to ensure that the candidates you engage can do the job.

The BrighterMonday Skills Assessments: What and Why?

As a hiring manager, testing for proficiency is key in determining the suitability of a candidate. Research shows that businesses that incorporate assessments in their interview process are 36% more likely to be happy with their new hires. 

The BrighterMonday skills assessment tool tests for core competencies and hard skills required for a specific role. The tests are industry-specific and they are curated by experts for different job functions to test a candidate’s proficiency.

Additionally, the assessments are linked to a job listing and it becomes part of the job application process. This means that all candidates responding to your job ad will take the assessment. As an employer you will be able to view all applicants as well as their test results from the ATS as shown below;

skills assessment

The BrighterMonday ATS has augmented the assessment score as a filter that can be used with other filters like experience and education as you view candidates.

skills assessment

This means that as an employer you can view a distribution of scores for all applicants with ease at a glance, as shown below;

skills assessment

How It Works

You can choose from our range of assessments according to the job function and level of expertise that match your job listing.

  1. Select assessment depending on job function: For instance, an accounting assessment for an accounting job listing. 
  2. Select Experience Level: Select the appropriate experience level for the assessment according to the job listing
  3. Assess the Candidates: The assessment is linked to a job listing and each candidate applying for that job will be required to take the assessment as part of the application process. 
  4. Hire the best: Sort through the results to determine the experts, intermediate and beginners, then make an informed decision on who to hire.

We Have Made Recruitment More Intentional and Efficient

assessment skills

The BrighterMonday Skills Assessment tool will allow you to test all candidates applying for a single job for only Ksh.15,000. We recently launched the skills assessment products at the NGO and Agriculture Sectors Talent Breakfast. A demo of the product was conducted to the HR professionals and employers present at the event.

Hiring, in general, is a hectic process for most companies, getting the right talent is complex. It doesn’t have to be for you. Request a call today to learn more about the BrighterMonday Skills Assessments. 

Doreen Mueke
Doreen is the Senior Content Marketer at Ringier One Africa Media.
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