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Strengthen Your Marketing with A Good Company Culture

Why company culture is part of your marketing strategy

Did you know, nearly 60% of people would rather work for a company that gives precedence to a great company culture than what they do? Company culture now affects both employees and customers. That means, a great company culture will not only attract and keep the best talent, but it will help prospective customers decide whether to do business with you or not.

Well, what’s that got to do with your marketing efforts? Marketing is what you communicate about your brand or product to potential customers. It is a continuous process and plays a great role in creating and sustaining productive relationships with customers. People increasingly want to know more about the companies they are buying from, it’s time you integrated your company culture into marketing efforts. Gone are the days when customers only cared about the transactions they were having with companies.

But first, here is what you need to know about how company culture affects marketing:


Importance of a marketing message that is consistent with company culture

Let’s break it down.

First, understand that company culture is how your business works. As Laura from FlyBlueKite says, the company culture is the heartbeat of your brand. The message you send to your potential customers is the marketing of your brand. Both need to be consistent if you want your business to grow.

Why is that important?

Consider that your company is looking to hire many mid to senior level employees. Now your marketing message says your company is a great place to work, friendly environment yadda-yadda-yadda but when a smart senior does their own investigation to find out about your company culture, they will find out that it isn’t what you say in your campaigns. That is how you will lose a potential resource. This holds true for potential customers as well.

If your company culture is so depraved that there is a toxic working environment, you are bound to experience a high employee turnover. What that means is that even if you have a successful marketing strategy that is consistently bringing in new clients, your high employee turnover will raise red flags about your company culture, not to mention the enormous amount of resources you have to invest in trying to market your company as the ideal partner with clients. This will demotivate your new clients to stay and continue doing business with you.

Therefore, there are 3 obvious benefits:

Long-term clients. When you have a perfect company culture, it makes your more desirable for not only businesses but also talent. People would want to be a part of your business. So when you get new clients, a perfect company culture will help convert them into a long-term business. This ties to the point about employee turnover.

Some clients get motivated to continue doing business with you due to the services they receive from particular employees. But if they have to deal with a new set of employees every time they are doing business with you, they get discouraged and move on to your competitors. This is especially true for those dealing with sensitive issues such as finances.

Clients as advocates: Every business dreams of having their clients tell their friends and family about them. No wonder the phrase ‘Tell a friend to tell a friend’ has become so popular. Some clients prefer developing long-term relationships with employees so that they know that their issues can be handled with ease and in a timely manner. This fosters loyalty and these are the same clients who will market you to their friends, family, and business partners. This is definitely every company’s dream as it cuts marketing budget.

Employees as advocates. A perfect company culture is a great way to attract talent. Your own employees will help you find more referrals. Employees that are happy and motivated would want to bring in their friends and families to work in the same company. So this way, you will have real people advocating for your brand in person and on online social media. In a world where social media is becoming a strong marketing tool, you want as many people as possible advocating for you as possible, led by your employees.

This enhances your marketing efforts. It also motivates individual employees to become brand ambassadors, meaning that your business will be marketed by the mere fact of having employees on board. It also helps to acquire new customers as potential clients want to deal with a company that is trusted by their employees as well.


Using company culture for marketing

When done right, your company culture can be a fantastic way to strengthen your marketing strategy.

Going green

This is not about taking a few employees out to plant trees, take pictures and post that on social media. The green movement can be seen embedded deep in the roots of an organization’s culture. Green practices such as recycle, reuse can be a crucial part of the company. The way you run the business should show how passionate you are about this cause. Go on a social mission like Sweetriot.

You should take care of the environment in practice and not just in your mission statement. Make it part of your culture and ensure that employees take ownership of the idea of caring for the environment.

Positive Customer Service

The perfect company culture will reflect through seamless customer service as well. If your company has that attitude of delighting and serving your customer every time, it will show and customers will talk about their experience. That’s an effective marketing strategy right there – to get people talking about your brand organically and in a positive light. Take Amazon or Zappos for example. Few companies can boost a customer service as good as theirs.

A good company culture creates a team that is able to handle customers well and this creates a good relationship with customers. This is a strategy that has worked for so many companies, which have grown just by their ability to have customers advertises them due to a positive customer service.

Happy Employees

Who wouldn’t want to do business with a company that has happy employees? Say you need help to find the right clothes for an event. Given the choice between a fashion store with eager and polite employees ready to assist you and the store where you see a bored customer service associate sitting at the desk twirling her hair, which one would you choose? The one where you get the help from polite and nice people, right?

Happy employees make the best advocates or your brand. Like Richard Branson says, take care of your employees and they will take care of your customers. It does not matter how much you hap about your great customer service, if your employees are not happy, they will not be motivated and your customers will suffer.


Have you admired a company that gives out the best gifts? Like pens, bags, Fitbit bands, and even trash cans. When you take care of design and the way you use your company logo, it can be an effective marketing strategy. People love free merchandise from trusted companies and if you take your time on design, people will definitely carry around your memorabilia around with pride and that is free marketing right there.

Show your core values

Google is a great example here. 86% of the employees are satisfied working here. The company is one of the best to work for because it is so employee centric. You see, the business is about giving people what they want and the company culture is well aligned with this core value.

In conclusion, marketing is one of the core departments in any company. If done right, it creates lasting relationships with existing clients and easily acquires new clients. Instead of dedicating huge marketing budgets to advertising and branding, how about starting from within by creating the right company culture. It doesn’t matter how much you advertise, if your company culture is wrong, no one will want to deal with your business. But if your culture is right, both your employees and your clients will market you and that forges greater loyalty.

Alicia Clarke
Notification Bell