Resource Centre Career Development Testimonial: My Career Story with BrighterMonday – June Congo

Testimonial: My Career Story with BrighterMonday – June Congo

Still not sure whether BrighterMonday works? See the testimonial below from a satisfied member of our vast online community.

Current Role; Administration and sales assistant (part time)

Highest Education level; BSc (Mathematics, Operations Research Major)

Years of Experience: 1

BM: How has your job search experience been like?

June: Its amazing how Brighter Monday came in just at the right time, when every student in their third year of study was required to complete a not less than 3 month industrial attachment at an Industry of choice. I was overwhelmed by the number of possible opportunities Brighter Monday presented, so I worked tirelessly on my C.V and cover letter before sending out any applications. I still can’t believe I got shortlisted from my cover letter only. An error occurred during application and my C.V failed to attach.

BM: How did you hear about BrighterMonday?

June: I heard about Brighter Monday first from my all-time favourite, former radio presenter at kiss 100, Caroline Mutoko.

BM: How has BrighterMonday helped in your career search and growth?

June: I love that it presented a platform and a starting point for me to kick-start my career journey. I totally second the career center section Brighter Monday incorporated into the site. The tips there are really useful, not only to job seekers but also those already in the workforce.

BM: What do you think gave you advantage over other candidates in your job search efforts?

June: I went an extra mile with everything while keeping it simple still. I worked on presenting well to my potential employer the set of skills I have, limited as they were then, and the positive impact they would have on her company if they employed me.

BM:What would you advice other job seekers?

June: There are jobs out there. All you need is just to correctly identify where your skills fit, work a bit on yourself, your C.V and ultimately your cover letter. Research! Research! Research! Keep a positive attitude and don’t forget to whisper a prayer amidst all these.

BM: Thank you June. We wish you continued growth in your career as you forge ahead.

Njeri Karanja
Njeri is a reading and creative writing enthusiast who is neck-deep in research writing. She is well versed in researching and writing on various topics.
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