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Why Our Customers Love Us

Founded in Kenya in 2006, BrighterMonday has grown to be the preferred career and recruitment partner; connecting companies looking for talent with qualified job seekers.  Under the investment portfolio of Ringier One Africa Limited, we are committed to maximizing opportunities for East Africa’s employers and job seekers using bespoke HR solutions and technology. We love our clients and they love us back, why? 

Here’s why;

We’re in this together

You are an employer looking for the best talent to fill that role in your company. We have the best talent in our database. Our product offering is built around customer-centricity and providing the best value to you. We are with you every step of the recruitment process providing solutions at every turn. Explore other many reasons why so many businesses have chosen – and continue to choose- to do business with us. 

We are a One-Stop-Shop for All Your Recruitment Needs

We have products that cater for the sole proprietor who just set up a small business, the SME growing everyday and hiring more people, and the large corporate. If you are hiring on a budget, you can post your job and reach over 5 million job seekers. Our BestMatch and Pro Recruit products will help you get the best talent faster. If you are hiring for an executive role, we will provide personalized end-to-end recruitment for that C-suite role. See our products here and start hiring with us.

We Help you Grow Your Business

From providing user-centric recruitment products to help you hire the right talent, to providing market insights to help you make better business decisions, you can leverage on our experience and knowledge of the job market. Find our latest research on the job market here.

We are Here for the Long Haul

When starting or running a business, who you bring on board at each stage of your company’s growth is critical. We are here when you need an entry-level employee to help you get the best.  We are here when you need to hire for that managerial or executive position. We are with you at every stage of your business life cycle.

See what other companies are saying about their successful hiring with BrighterMonday.


Doreen Mueke
Doreen is the Senior Content Marketer at Ringier One Africa Media.
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