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How it is Working at BrighterMonday Kenya

Hiring quickly

With more than 50 enthusiastic employees, BrighterMonday’s core focus is linking great talent in the market with available job opportunities. BrighterMonday is more than your regular job board. With a database of over 500,000 active job seekers and over 5,000 employers at any given time, the company is poised to take on one of Kenya’s greatest challenges – unemployment.

BrighterMonday’s Purpose

BrighterMonday acts as the integral link between the vast population of qualified jobseekers and the opportunities  in the market. Backed by strong values, and unifying vision and mission statements, the team works everyday towards solving problems in the job market. The company provides recruiting solutions, tailored advice and expertise on the current job market.

Company mission, vision, values

BrighterMonday offers job seekers the one-stop platform to find jobs in different industry categories, different levels, and in different locations across Kenya. The platform is supported by a competent support team that diligently handles inquiries from users.

Being an online company, BrighterMonday strives to keep up with technological milestones in the market in a bid to remain relevant to its users, and offer them the best services possible. Examples of such products include the BrighterMonday App.

Working at BrighterMonday Kenya

In an effort to deliver the best for our audience, the online job site partners with like-minded industry experts in the job market to provide opportunities for job-preparedness training, internships and mentorship. Companies like Safaricom, Barclays Bank, Google, Sanlam and Ajira have helped hundred of youths acquire vital skills that give them the professional edge they need to thrive in the market.

Work at BrighterMonday

BrighterMonday Mentorship

Equipping recent graduates with relevant job skills at the Safaricom Blaze event.

Group activity

Livity, Google and BrighterMonday partnership to equip youth with Digital Marketing Skills in 2016

BrighterMonday forums

A recent quarterly forum for human resource professionals in Kenya

So, What is Life at BrighterMonday like?

When we asked BrighterMonday employees why they love their jobs they mentioned aspects like the freedom to be creative, the flexibility, collaboration of teams, open culture and innovation.

BrighterMonday team

When you walk out of the lift into their 5th-floor office, you are hit by a burst of life and energy. The cool environment, the unusual antique furnishings are a plus but what really grabs your attention is the people.

BrighterMonday Offices

In a bid to create a business they can be proud of, BrighterMonday engages brilliant minds eager to think out of the box and inspire change.

BrighterMonday's CEO

BrighterMonday's working environment

An Environment That Makes Work Less Work

BrighterMonday believes work and no play makes Jack a dull employee. The easy culture, flexible work schedules and recreation options provide an environment that incorporates work and relaxation in balanced measure to promote holistic growth.

A relaxed office environment

Working life at BrighterMonday

Working at BrighterMonday

Great Packages

In order to stay ahead of the market and retain top talent, BrighterMonday offers competitive  packages to its staff, guided by the philosophy that everyone should get value for their contribution to the company’s overall objectives.

Salary: Competitive with annual reviews based on performance.

Bonus: Hitting targets provides an opportunity to share in the BrighterMonday’s success.

Medical Insurance: The BrighterMonday team’s health is covered.

Breakfast and snacks: To keep the energy and creativity flowing.

Office snacks


Team building activities

A team that plays together achieves together

Games for teams

Team building activities

What most people don’t know about BrighterMonday?

Most people assume that BrighterMonday is another briefcase company. It is in fact, a fully-functioning company that forms part of the One Africa Media Group and operates Africa’s largest portfolio of online marketplaces. The company has all the traits of a typical company including a CEO, and departments like Sales, Finance, Marketing, Operations, Design and Customer Service. The clear-cut difference that makes BrighterMonday stand out is its culture.

Feel like the BrighterMonday environment is ideal for your career?

Mueke Katwa
I have two years experience in Business Support which covers Human Resource as a function; and a lifelong passion in creative writing.
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