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Customer is king at BrighterMonday : Customer Service Week

It’s customer service week. At BrighterMonday, we are obsessed with our customers, putting them first in all we do. Happy Customer Service week.


BrighterMonday Kenya is obsessed with the customer, championing a customer-centricity approach to business. Customer-centricity drives means putting the customer first and at the centre of every part of the business. We operate in the knowledge that “Good service is good business!” 

As the world marks the 2021 Customer service week, we join in to celebrate the Power of Service, even as we reflect on the impact of the pandemic in the world. Kenya reported its first Covid 19 infection in early March 2020. The Government implemented lockdown measures, including a 10pm – 4am curfew starting on the 27 March 2020.

BrighterMonday adjusted to this new normal by switching from a work in the office environment setup to a remote work environment for a majority of the staff. We also adopted a virtual onboarding process to guide our customers through the various features we have created to make their recruitment process easier and faster.

To further support our customers’ business continuity, we made it free to use our Job Listing product for an initial period of three months. We also offered significant discounts on some of our other recruitment services for business in critical sectors. This campaign, dubbed #UnityInAdversity (UiA), ended up running for 8 months. 

From the inside out

We shifted to working remotely last year and celebrated entire teams during the Customer Service week, themed “#DreamTeam”. This year, we are celebrating both teams and individuals. 

Internally, we launched customer centricity awards in May this year. We looked at our customers’ feedback and nominated 12 employees who were named by our clients. We voted in June and Charles, a dedicated Service Delivery Executive won. Here’s what the customer said: 

“Dear Charles, Thank you for your phone call to explain to me that the Apply Now button is visible to applicants who log in and it will redirect to our site to applyThanks again for working on your weekend. I just realised that you work Mon to Fri, many thanks for pitching in for us on your weekend.”

To build on this, we’ll be nominating, voting and rewarding employees every four months. In these three categories; Trust as a value, User-first and Impact as a value.

Championing Customer Inclusion

Driving Customer inclusion is key in achieving satisfaction, retention and loyalty. As organizations, we need to assess our service offering and the extent to which its target customers are included in the development process from ideation to launch. For us, we successfully launched two customer driven products in 2021. The ideation phase was preceded by surveys, customer interviews and needs analysis research. We also have our CX experts engaging with ICX Kenya to get enhanced training on customer engagement.

In a bid to improve customer retention, we curated and presented weekly, cross functional training sessions for all staff. These sessions were recorded and documented for future reference for new and existing staff to refer to.

Customer Service Week

As the world celebrates this important week, we have incorporated a special discount for our valued clients and various initiatives to emphasise our appreciation.

In lauding frontline staff for their resilience through the pandemic, we are geared up to walk this journey with our customers. We realize that we should appreciate these target staff because:

  • Satisfied frontline employees create satisfied customers– They take better care of the customer, which produces a better customer experience 
  • Frontline staff are the face of the company- The actions of your frontline employees reflect directly on the company’s vision, mission, culture, and values. 
  • Creating an Empowering Work Environment Results in Greater Job Satisfaction- A good work environment where your frontline staff have autonomy, mastery, and purpose will result in better customer care, quality, and service and ultimately, boost business performance.

Thank you for trusting us; Happy Customer Service week.

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