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BrighterMonday Customer Success Stories: Carlcare Service

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Carlcare Service Limited is an international professional after-sales service company for mobile phones, tablets, home appliances and lighting devices. They aim at providing professional, timely and high-quality repair services to clients across 50 countries. Currently, Carlcare has over 1200 qualified technicians working round the clock. Check out their services here.

Such Specialized Services Require a Specialized Talent Pool

Like most companies that provide specialized services, Carlcare requires a specialized talent pool to remain the desired after-sale services provider. This is not always easy as most job adverts attract hundreds of CVs, most of each are not qualified for the role. 

Then they Discovered BrighterMonday in 2016

Carlcare leveraged on BrighterMonday’s mix of human and matching technology to get unlimited access to the best candidates. This system provides the perfect blend of do-it-yourself and bespoke HR consultancy solutions that helped Carlcare get amazing talent each time they had a vacancy. 

The BestMatch solution saves you time and effort when hiring prioritizing the volume of applications you receive and matching you with the best fit. We use our Best Match™ algorithms to prioritise applicants that best match the requirements of your Job Listing. Our expert team will then sort through applicants for your Job Listing and recommend 10 which best fit your job description. All this within the first 7 days of your Job Listing going live.

Trust the Experts

Ever since we learnt about BrighterMonday in 2016, getting the right talent has become seamless for us. BrighterMonday is a reputable recruitment company and they have always delivered. – Dickson Ireri, Head of Training at Carlcare.

With a constant stream of quality talent in their workforce, Carlcare can confidently focus on their customers’ requirements across the globe and actualize its vision of becoming one of the largest technology & service providers for electronic products in the world.

Watch the video below for more inspiration for Carlcare Services Ltd

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At BrighterMonday, we fully profile all our candidates and utilise the best matching solutions to ensure you get the right fit, faster. We are there for you, every step of the way.

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