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Get better employee satisfaction with 3 simple strategies

Today’s employees have evolved. Without a doubt, they want more than a salary. Here are insights and solid steps on how to improve employee satisfaction.

Today’s employees have evolved. Without a doubt, they want more than a salary. The great resignation, a phenomenon that has caused millions of workers worldwide to resign from their jobs, has seen employers start grappling with a massive talent crunch.

According to the Kenya Employee Satisfaction Report 2021 by BrighterMonday, 90% of Kenyan employees surveyed believe that job satisfaction increases their job productivity. Meanwhile, less than half of those surveyed said they are happy with their current employer.

These invaluable insights reveal what employees value most. Businesses can leverage this to improve the work experience.

Here are three strategies to kick you off:.

1. Work-life balance

Employees value flexible options as it results in better quality of life, especially after the impact of COVID-19. According to a global study, 88% of knowledge workers surveyed said that when searching for a new position, they look for one that offers complete flexibility in their hours and location.

Find the most effective ways to help your employees balance their lives. Give the team the effective tools they need to work from home and clearly communicate when you need team in the office. What’s more, you can create an office environment or adopt a hybrid strategy that allows to periodically drop in on their own accord.

2. Health & Wellness programs

The employee satisfaction 2021 report shows that respondents aged between 25-35, 36-45 and over 45 ranked health care cover & well-being programs among their top three external traits they value. Explore innovative ways to provide this to your team to give them the confidence to continue working for your business. Additionally, think of rewarding employees with gifts that promote wellness and support growth in emotional intelligence. You ca also give vouchers occasionally to cover wellness sessions or courses. Implement that which will keep your employees refreshed and mentally strong.

3. Career growth

Employees continuously set goals for where they envision their career going; a company that allows for this will create loyal employees.

According to HR Expert Kimani Kinuthia, employers need to support the career growth needs of their staff to boost satisfaction. Employees need to know that they can grow with your business. Research shows that Kenya employees across different demographics such as age and gender consider career growth as one of the top innate qualities a workplace should have

Think about creating an outlined career path for job roles and educate employees on how they can grow within the company. Internal career days and regular mentorship are a great place to start. Additionally, invest in training courses your team can pursue to sharpen their skills and grow professionally.

There’s much more to do when reviewing employee satisfaction and coming up with affordable ways to keep them happy. People are a businesses greatest resource and despite the changing workplace, we must progress on building employee morale.

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