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How to Hire the Right Employee Every Time

How to hire the right employee every time

Are you Looking to Hire the Right Employee for your Business?

Getting to hire the right employee can be a challenging task. Growing businesses sometimes go through the toughest hiring periods and in the end, some end up with the wrong employee. Hiring the wrong employee is an expensive mistake, and could cost you 3 times the role’s annual salary.

Hiring right, on the other hand, pays you back a thousand times in work productivity, company culture fit and right employee relationships. So how can you ensure you get to hire the right employee for your business?

Here are a few tips;

Define the Job/Role and Responsibilities

Jobseekers are constantly searching for new jobs, or most times – in saturated markets like this – they are looking for just a job. This is why hiring the right employee has to begin with the right job description. Your job advertisement should include the right qualifications needed for the role, the must-have skills and work expectations on a day-to-day basis.

hire the right employee every time

Getting the right information for the candidates applying is the first step to filtering out the wrong applicants. It also easily enables you strategically plan for the right employee when he/she gets on board.

Find the Best Recruitment Strategy for your Business

hire the right employee every time

Once you have set out a carefully detailed job description, identify the type of recruitment strategy you can use. Do you know any recruitment platforms that are reliable enough to find you the right candidates? How affordable are they for your budget?

Knowing how to hire the right employee is not a walk in the park. That’s why you need efficient services, that can sort you out the first time. A recruitment manager, for instance, is essential in understanding the kind of employees you hire. Have your best foot forward.

Carefully Review Applications and Candidate Credentials

Hiring can sometimes be urgent and on short notice. When this happens, most employers will pick the best candidates on paper and shortlist them first. As time goes by, they realise these candidates are, unfortunately, not the best fit for the role. To solve these problems, ensure you do a comprehensive background check of the candidates, gauging your expectations against the skills they possess.

Do they meet your role target? Remember, you are always going to spend more time with the candidate as an employee rather than a job applicant.

hire the right employee every time

Prescreen your Candidates to Find the Right Fit

When you dedicate your time and costs to doing extensive prescreen tests for the candidates, you are better placed to hire the right employee. BrighterMonday has a Skills Assessment Tool that allows an employer to carefully and efficiently shortlist the right employees for your business.

hire the right employee every time

It also saves time for both the recruiter and the job applicant as it only selects the best candidates who fit within the roles advertised. While some candidates may be good on paper, prescreening tests are essential in getting you the best talents in the market.

In Conclusion…

To understand how to hire the right employee, you need to determine the cost of the recruitment process and the type of employee you want to bring on board. In a post-covid world, where the new normal means working remotely and having online interviews, invest in the right and lasting solutions.

Additionally, BrighterMonday published a report that provides guidance on managing the post-Covid-19 workplace, a handbook filled with best practice tips and advice unpacking the different challenges presently facing workplaces. It also contains professional input from leading HR experts in Kenya. Check it out and get insights on how to hire the right employee.

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