Resource Centre Research & Job Market Job hunting in Kenya: Trends & Opportunities To Look Out For

Job hunting in Kenya: Trends & Opportunities To Look Out For

Based on data from our database, the following are some of the patterns that have been identified in Kenya’s online job market activity today.

Job hunting in Kenya: Trends & Opportunities To Look Out For

The job market in Kenya has been experiencing a major boom. As the need for jobs increases, so does the competition to find one. Here will list out some of the trends that have been observed from the Kenya online job market activity based on data gathered from our database. 

The BrighterMonday Kenya Jobs Bulletin showcases supply & demand trends in the form of job listings and job applications and serves as an intriguing read. 

BrighterMonday Jobs Bulletin

To compile this report, we looked at 9,474 job advertisements, 625,014 job applications, and 18,675 job listings from January 2021 to July 2021. As well as 1,353,041 job applications from July 2020 to July 2021. Job postings reflect supply in this report, while job applications indicate demand.

It will be fascinating to watch what supply and demand patterns will be showcased in 2022, and how they will impact the employment market.

There are two major categories that were in demand in Kenya between January 2021 – July 2021. 

The first is IT & Technology jobs.

Because there is a great demand for talent in the IT field, make sure you promote yourself effectively if you want to land a position.

BrighterMonday’s mission is to provide digital talent with professional possibilities and to link organisations with a pool of tech talent in order to drive employment development. So don’t miss out on these opportunities.

Top 10 industries high in supply and demand

The second category is sales. Between January and July 2021, Sales was the most in-demand job function. Sales had received the most job applications during the previous year. 

Top 10 job functions high in supply and demand

Notably, the Hospitality & Hotel industry was among the top 5 with the highest demand, but it does not appear to have the largest supply, implying that job seekers in this profession are still searching for work following the global pandemic’s disruption.

Organisations in the NGO, NPO & Charity industry are constantly looking for people to fill openings at their organisation.

Between January 2021 and July 2021, the NGO, NPO, and Charity industry is the most sought-after in terms of supply. This could be attributed to Kenya’s well-known prevalence of international and local NGOs & Civil Society organisations. 

Top 6 industries in high supply

The key reason for the trend of high-supply sectors is that the majority of these industries, particularly NGOs and government, give some feeling of job security.

The top job function in great demand was research, teaching, and training. In addition to Research, Teaching & Training, and Sales, Engineering & Technology had the most vacancies that companies sought to fill.

Research, Teaching & Training, and Sales, Engineering & Technology had the most vacancies

In Conclusion,

The BrighterMonday Jobs Bulletin data confirms the demand for talented people in the IT & Technology and Sales industries, while also demonstrating how organisations in various industries placed job listings last year.

This guide will help you understand the range of opportunities there are in Kenya’s digital jobs market, and how to approach them.

Curious to know more? Download the bulletin for free today & learn how to strategically apply for jobs.

Vanessa Njenga
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