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More People are Recommending Their Employers than Before

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Would you recommend your current employer to friends or family? A report by BrighterMonday Kenya on the Best Companies to Work for 2019 reveals the affirmative. The report also noted that despite the fact that a high number of current employees would wish to leave their current employers, they would still recommend these employers to people in their circles.

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Recommending your employer to a job seeker without a job or one that is seeking to switch jobs means that you are positive they will find what they are looking for in a new employer.

Here is a twitter poll visual.

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The Best 100 Companies to Work For in Kenya 2018 report revealed lesser willingness in respondents to recommend their then employer to family and friends. Here are the probable reasons why there is an increase in Kenyan employees who would recommend their current employers.

Competition for Jobs in Kenya

Right now, the competition for available formal job opportunities is at an all-time high. Tertiary institutions are churning more graduates into the job market. These graduates are then finding more unemployed youth who have been looking for jobs for longer and making competition even stiffer. This ultimately results in the “any job will do” mindset in job seekers to cater for personal expenses and have a means of livelihood, then look for better opportunities afterwards.

More Appreciation for Current Employer

There is nothing wrong with looking for a better remuneration package, better benefits or a better office culture than those provided by your current employer. It is during your interactions with other companies that you get to appreciate where you currently are. It might be the subtle differences like reporting time, location of company offices, or heavier attributes like salary and benefits, office culture or company reviews by former employees you see online. These attributes make you realize that your employer is better and is currently giving you a competitive package in the market. You will therefore, not hesitate to recommend them to family or friends

Length of Tenure With the Employer

This factor is two-pronged;

Entry-level employees are usually excited at the fact that they got a job and are very enthusiastic and energized. They feel grateful for the opportunity and feel lucky to have gotten the job. They would, therefore, recommend their employers to their peers and friends.

Senior employees with a few years’ experience with their current employer have most likely spent their enthusiasm and have experienced some harsh realities in employment. Depending on their company’s values and the type of employer they work for, their readiness and willingness to recommend their employer to friends and family might vary. hey now know

Job Security in the Recent Past

Job security is a key factor when looking for a job, even for millennials. Getting a job is no mean feat. No one wants to be back in the unemployment corner a few years down the line because their company laid off a number of employees. With the recent layoffs in Kenya in the recent past, stability in a company’s business feature is a very important aspect to consider when looking for a job. Even the Best 100 Companies to work for report supports this. This means that someone in a what is considered a stable company will be more willing to recommend their employer to friends and family.

Can you think of any other reasons you would recommend your current employer to a friend or relative? Let us know in the comments.

Doreen Mueke
Doreen is the Senior Content Marketer at Ringier One Africa Media.
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