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Recruitment Through Referral; Why It Works

employer referral program

Recruitment through referral is the most efficient and cost-saving method of hiring. BrighterMonday recently kickstarted an Employer Referral Program, which allows an existing employer to invite new employers in their network. It goes without saying, the most organic and successful way to grow a business is through ‘word of mouth’. So, what motivates you to refer a friend to a product/service? 

There’s a degree of responsibility that comes with referring a friend or colleague to a product or service. What will my friends gain? Will the product/service serve them as well as it did for me? This is why we ensure that with each referral program, the incentive is not only through acquisition of new customers, but also the ability to build new relationships and foster existing ones. 

Here is a breakdown of why we introduced the employer referral program; 

  1. You will get rewarded for your loyalty

For each employer that you refer to use BrighterMonday services, you both get rewarded a free skills assessment credit worth Ksh 15,000. This means that, with every referral that you make, you stand as many chances to get more rewards (NB: This works for only new clients using the BrighterMonday products). The skills assessment credit allows you to accurately and efficiently recruit quality candidates on our platform, making your hiring process easy. 

employer referral program

  1. Your friend benefits from our referral program through incentives

Referring your friend is easy, but imagine both of you earning while at it? The referral program allows you to share the benefits with your friends and colleagues in your network, giving us both a chance to create and build on new relationships. As with all other marketing strategies, we want to be part of your network, and we will reward you for making referrals to us. Share our testimonials with your friends, and let us learn fresh ideas from new markets.

  1. We are building trust and promoting client relationships 

How many times have you bought a product or service because your friend recommended it to you? As social beings, we relate more with ideas that prove to instill trust. We are likely to focus on ‘why it would work for me because it did for him/her’ – and we believe in tested products. This is why we are looking to build strong and lasting relationships with our clients through a tested employer referral program. 

employer referral program

Finally, we believe that understanding our clients is the first step to successful business growth. We are giving out Ksh 15,000 to both you and a first time client on our site a chance to use our Skills Assessment Tool for recruitment purposes. This enables us to reach out to you – our existing clients – who have always wanted to use the service and never had the budget to try it. The chance is now, Refer A Friend and Earn! 

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