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Testimonial: My Career Story with BrighterMonday – Felix Mumba

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Current Role;Barman & Barista

Highest Education level; Food & Beverage Production And Service

Years of Experience: 7 years

BM: How has your job search experience been like?

Felix: First I have to say,in this world of today, sometimes money talks, you mostly need money to get money, and in most cases you need money to get a job,and that’s so unfortunate for the jobless coz they got no money…and what does that mean,they die poor unless some angels like BrighterMonday bridge them over the deep river.

In my job search I have to say it has been hell,where at times you sit down lonely thinking and asking God what you did to Him? Why you? What’s it that you did wrong that you have to pay this way? Of course I won’t get an answer, only to realize the landlord is about to knock my door, next thing I do is to wake up n tarmac all over dropping CVs and asking in every company where the boss is at so I talk to them about a job….and the answer u get is…do you have an appointment? No. Then leave your CV , I will forward it…..

I give it a few weeks for response but none comes across so am like, am i a failure in life or what? next thing is to ask for friends help so they recommend me somewhere but at that time is when no one picks your call, not even your friends coz they think your borrowing some cash

Poor me doesn’t give up ,so I decide I will never drop an hard copy CV anywhere not even make verbal inquiries about a job. coz maybe they throw them away calling it trash..not knowing how much it costs a hustler to print those CVs..,I take my phone,,google hotel jobs in Nairobi,,I sign up to some sites I wont reveal,make applications ,and get interviews but,,,,,,every interview I attend,I realize,all they want is not your services,its money,,so they ask for money so that they can refer you to some employer employ.so am unlucky…coz hata pesa ya tokens sina.

Poor me is back home,,trying other sites only to find brighter Monday,log on to it,scroll down through it only be motivated when I see…WE DO NOT CHARGE………….so I sign up so fast before my bundles are out,,.I activate the alerts and stay optimistic …

After some tries I get this brighter Monday job interview in conjunction with peoples insights group ….what makes it so special to me is that I was late for the interview…so I went back home disappointed only to be called back the next day and to my surprise ,out of 200 candidates I was the best suited and the only one who was lucky enough……I know I had asked God questions before but this night,I was thanking Him….for fighting for me through 200 candidates to the top..

I have to say am so glad that I am working in one of the top Kenyan companies that I always dreamt working for.I thank them for giving me the opportunity to be the best I can be,,its always my passion to cater for the people as far as the hospitality industry is concerned.

Am living my dream and its all because of Brighter Monday…I am so proud of whoever came up with it,the team and everyone who contributes to its success..big up

BM: How did you hear about BrighterMonday?

Felix: Through google…(hospitality jobs)

BM: How has BrighterMonday helped in your career search and growth?

Felix: yes……Even though some jobs I got were not worth my services because most bosses always want you to work more for less,but I have to say its all about persistence and patience if someone wants to succeed his/her career

BM: What do you think gave you advantage over other candidates in your job search efforts?

Felix: I never consider myself better than anyone…….All I can say is that God chose that to be my position ….I always believe that for someone to succeed in something,,something else must happen,,people lose jobs over different reasons so that the jobless can get the same chances,,tafakari hayo,

BM:What would you advice other job seekers?


  1. BrighterMonday is real
  2. Dont choose a dream job,choose a boss who will give you the chance to grow up to your dream job
  3. Never ask for favours,nothing in this world is for free…fight your way through the challenges of life
  4. Never be reluctant thinking that friends and family will help you,.. the jobless are treated bad differently..family calls it laziness,friends call it nagging,spouse calls it pest…so choose not to have a name,hustle hard and you will be respected
  5. Don’t choose a job position,choose a job that you can do provided its pay can sustain youMy Parting shot to everyone is; Never under estimate those below you…give them hope to be you,teach them how to be like you, coz if they become you,it means you are up above another level
Njeri Karanja
Njeri is a reading and creative writing enthusiast who is neck-deep in research writing. She is well versed in researching and writing on various topics.
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