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Testimonial: My Career Story with BrighterMonday – Mbaluto

Still wondering whether BrighterMonday works? See the testimonial below from a satisfied member of our vast online community.

Current Role;Branch Cashier

Highest Education level; Bachelor of Commerce

Years of Experience: 3 months on the job

BM: How has your job search experience been like?

Mbaluto: I had tried the manual process of physically delivering my application to various offices but I never got a feedback.When I joined BrighterMonday I uploaded my CV and subscribed to email job notification where I made application on the jobs which I felt were suitable for me..with time ii got a offer for an interview and later was offered the job.

BM: How did you hear about BrighterMonday?

Mbaluto:  Was referred by a college friend

BM: How has BrighterMonday helped in your career search and growth?

Mbaluto: My sincere gratitude to BrighterMonday for it gave me a kick start in my career since it is the first job after graduation.

BM: What do you think gave you advantage over other candidates in your job search efforts?

Mbaluto: I believe when you trust the Lord nothing is impossible and then be yourself that’s all

BM:What would you advice other job seekers?

Mbaluto: Job seekers should embrace modern technology.Gone are the days when people used to manually apply jobs.With current job portals like BrighterMonday things have been much easier and cost effective..using your smartphone or PC you can always try your luck on the various job opening..Application is free and its hustle free not like manual application where you have to struggle to drop your applications..Embrace technology through recruitment portal for hustle free results

BM: Thank You Mbaluto for your testimonial. We wish all the best in your career journey. We are here to offer support all the way!


Njeri Karanja
Njeri is a reading and creative writing enthusiast who is neck-deep in research writing. She is well versed in researching and writing on various topics.
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