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26 Perfect Jobs for Introverts: Find Your Perfect Fit

Everyone is introverted to some degree and while some stereotypes can be misleading, some are usually true. Read on about the perfect jobs for introverts.

jobs for introverts

Introversion can be defined as a spectrum of personality traits that focus on a person’s internal feelings and are not defined by external stimulation. Most of the time, introversion is often misconstrued as shyness and being socially anxious.

Introverts tend to be more reserved, quiet and introspective. They like to retreat to their internal worlds and feel best in their zone in an environment that doesn’t require too much external stimulation and involvement. A study shows that introverts form 25-40% of the population. It is prudent to note that introversion and extroversion are all part of a spectrum. This means that different people have different degrees and levels of extroversion or introversion.

So, What are the Signs that You are an Introvert?

  1. You have a small group of friends you consider very close-knit
  2. Being in large groups of people drains you and you normally need to “recharge” after such encounters.
  3. Solitude doesn’t bother you. In fact, you enjoy being alone with your thoughts more than being in a crowd.
  4. People often view you as quiet and reserved or even shy while in real sense you would rather choose your words carefully rather than engage in meaningless chitchat.
  5. You are very self-aware because you spend most of your time looking inward and reflecting.
  6. You are very observant because the biggest part of your learning experience is by watching
  7. You relish your independence and would mostly go for jobs that promote it.

Types of Introverts and the Best Jobs for Them

  1. The Social Introvert

jobs for introverts

This is the introvert who absolutely loves their solitude. They do not mind spending the whole day working on their tasks and not interacting with anyone at all. These people are not socially anxious or shy, they just prefer to interact with as few people as possible. Such people have many endearing personal qualities like being loyal and understanding boundaries, reliable and surprisingly very good at maintaining relationships.

If this defines you, you might want to look for a career in skilled trades and vocational occupations that require minimal interactions with a lot of people.

Some of these jobs include;

  1. IT & Software Jobs

This includes jobs like:  Website Developers, Database Administrators, System Administrators, Software Engineers among others.

View all IT & Software Jobs

  1. Privatized Specializations

This applies to specialists who are so good at what they do such that they become more of consultants and actually get to choose their clientele.

Examples are

Private Chefs

Personal Trainers

Private Investigators

  1. Vocational Training Careers

These include;

Electric Engineers



Lab technician

2. The Thinking Introvert

Thinking introverts do not mind being in crowds. That being said, they do not actively seek crowded situations because they still need time to recharge every so often. They tend to be very introspective, imaginative and thoughtful. Thus, if you are in the creative industry you might find this information very useful because this defines you. You find yourself thinking outside the box, you are very in touch with your environment because that’s where you draw your inspiration and you love to pore over innovations and research in your industry.

Professionals in this group are in industries like technology, art and design and engineering.

Jobs suited for this group of introverts include;

  1. Technology

These are jobs like;

Computer Programmer

Web/App Developer

SEO Experts/ Email Marketers/ Creative Writers

  1. Art and Design

Graphic Designer


Interior Designer


Fashion Designer

  1. Engineering

Environmental Engineer

Civil Engineer

  1. The Anxious Introvert

jobs for introverts

Anxious introverts prefer highly solitude like social introverts. Their desire to be alone stems from deep-seated shyness and anxiety about how people perceive them. They tend to feel awkward and out of place in crowds and other social situations. While these people might not perform well in jobs that require social interactions, they are masters of jobs that require laser-focus and keen attention to detail.

If social interactions make you so uncomfortable you would rather avoid them completely, you might want to go for jobs that require your laser focus, away from people for the better part of the day.

Such jobs include;


Research and Technical Writers

Accountant and Auditors

4. The Inhibited Introvert

If you are the type that always seems so laid back and reserved, you take time to react and make decisions as well as think real hard before speaking; you are an inhibited introvert.

These slow-to-react and deep thinking qualities make the inhibited introvert very analytical and big-picture-oriented. They take on big challenges and do not shy away from hard questions. Some of the jobs suited for the inhibited introvert are;

Financial Advisor

Business/Management/Financial/Quality Analysts

Market Research Analyst

Authors and Creative Writers

Therapists and Counselors

Life/Business/Career Coaches

In Summary…

Everyone is introverted to some degree and while some stereotypes can be misleading, some are usually true to some people. To identify your exact personality type, take this online test.

Also, are you an introvert? Which type of introvert do you think you are? Tell us in the comments.

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