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Personal Branding Tips to Boost Your Job Search

Job hunting can be hectic. However, when you have the right personal branding tips, you increase your chances of successful career growth. Building a strong personal brand is a personal initiative that ensures your career takes the path you would want it to. When looking for a job, do you think your CV and Cover Letter portray the image you like to the recruiter? Think about Safaricom for instance, what comes into your mind if not the largest telecommunications provider in Kenya? A strong personal branding, therefore, should ensure that when someone hears your name, they can immediately associate you with certain expertise.

Here are some personal branding tips for career growth:

1. Recognize Your Strengths

Understand what you are good at and concentrate on making it better. Recognize the skills you are most praised for at work and develop them to expert-levels. Do customers occasionally mention your name in response to good service provided? Identify the skill you feel most passionate about and make efforts to show results. This makes it easier even for the company to find the best-fitting role for you, hence faster career growth. Personal branding is about showcasing your best abilities while providing the most value to the organization.

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2. Associate with the Right Crowd

Network with the right circles in your industry. Most industries or organizations will occasionally share insights on various ways of career improvement, something an active jobseeker will find useful. Having efficient knowledge of the right personal branding tips can set you apart from the other jobseekers, improving your professional visibility. Understand which companies you would like to work in/with, and drive your career goals towards that.

3. Build and Improve your Online Presence

Having an online presence is not enough. Thousands of job seekers are looking for jobs across the country. Stand out and be different. Find a way to participate in ongoing on-the-job training at your organization if any. Attend seminars and learn new things about your role and industry. Get certifications if you can, and update these on your online brands such as LinkedIn, and BrighterMonday profile if you have already created one. Personal branding means staying relevant, even amidst changing job trends.

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4. Brace for Leadership Roles

Having a strong personal brand makes you qualified for better jobs, promotions, business partnerships, and company recognition. It shows that you can take initiative to improve your career, build your expertise, and improve your value to the company. When you can easily and efficiently make the most of your roles and time, you automatically set yourself up for success. Therefore, learn to stay updated and ready for change while at work.

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5. Identify the Right Hiring Platforms

Most job seekers fall prey to irrelevant jobs that do not meet their skill requirements. This makes it hard to grow in their career as they spend ages stuck in roles that do not add value to their professional life. This is why it important to recognize the right hiring platforms and work towards being active on them. BrighterMonday has always been at the frontline to ensure that job seekers find the right jobs, through partnerships with executive brands. Top companies like Central Bank of Kenya, AutoXpress Kenya Ltd & LG use BrighterMonday Skills Assessments for their hiring processes.

Personal branding is completely effective when a jobseeker understands the need for a professional online presence and an updated job profile. Using the above personal branding tips will definitely ensure that you work better and smarter towards your next career step. Be part of the positive movement, stand out with a strong personal brand today!

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